Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins Compared

Affiliate marketing is still one of the highly popular methods of generating money from your website, and to be able to run your efforts effectively, it’s imperative that you know of the specific marketing plugins for WordPress to use. In this article, we will cover how you can increase your income by using affiliate-marketing plugins, then we’ll be on a hunt to discover the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing professionals.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

For those who are new to this, affiliate marketing is an act of promoting another company’s products in return for a commission. When you have a popular website or blog that received a considerable amount of traffic, you can monetize your pages and earn extra income.

There are several proven techniques that you can use to implement affiliate marketing. If you are just starting out, you can opt to promote products that resonate with your website visitors. Also, you may write quality and unbiased reviews about these products and promote them using expertly crafted calls to action. No matter the technique that you’ll adopt, you will require the tools, which to pull them off quite effectively.

Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

The plugins below can help you do almost anything on matters of affiliate marketing. With these plugins, you’ll be able to add links to your content and also helps you start owning an affiliate program. Let’s now look at the features that these plugins offer and other important details.

WP Coupons and Deals

When planning to create hundreds of coupons effortlessly for your blog and website pages, nothing beats WP Coupons and Deals for its simplicity and the array of features that are offered. And anytime you have a question and need assistance, help is just an email away.

This plugin is being used by 2000+ bloggers and affiliate marketers, and while it has helped the users succeed in earning more affiliate income, you too can scale the heights of success with this amazing plugin. This affiliate-marketing plugin is best for bloggers and affiliates and helps them make more money by promoting other people’s products effectively using their websites.


  • It provides a total of 7 templates to help you style your coupons.
  • Enables you to add printable image-coupons which can either be used offline or printed.
  • Has a coupon expiration countdown which helps users take quick action.
  • There are social-share buttons to enable your users to spread the love by easily sharing your coupons.
  • Hide coupon-code feature that allows the users to view your coupon code after opening your affiliate link.
  • The import coupons feature helps save you time when importing coupons in bulk with CSV files.
  • The Live Preview feature helps you view your coupon live when creating it, so you can know what you’re doing.
  • Hide Expired Coupons Feature helps you hide coupons that you don’t want to update.
  • WP Coupons and Deals has all the fields that you need to add your coupons, and all the fields are nicely integrated into the 7 templates.
  • Easily customizable, so you can adapt it to your requirements.

Post Affiliate Pro

This plugin is compatible with any WordPress blog or site and provides affiliate marketers with a comprehensive set of tools to help get more conversions from online visitors. With this plugin, you are guaranteed to sell more. It has multiple built-in tracking methods and offers a bullet-proof clock and sale technology, which makes this system one of the most powerful options available today.


  • Integrates Post Affiliate Pro signup with WordPress user signup.
  • Includes Top affiliates-widget with some affiliate statistics.
  • It helps with the integration of Post Affiliate Pro click-tracking into your WordPress site.
  • Shortcodes-for-affiliates.
  • Integration with MarketPress.
  • Integration with Membership 2 Pro.
  • Integration with Contact form 7.
  • Integration with Easy-Digital-Downloads.
  • Integration with MemberPress.
  • Integration with WishList Member.
  • Integration-with-WooCommerce Autoship.
  • Integration with WooCommerce.
  • Integration with WP-Simple-Pay Pro.
  • Integration with WooCommerce-Subscriptions.
  • Integration with WP EasyCart.
  • Also works well with S2Member.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate manager can be used with your WordPress site to set up and also manage an affiliate program. With this plugin, you can recruit people to help with selling your products. With this tool, you are able to manage the entire process, from registering new affiliates and organizing the process from start to finish.

What’s even more attractive with Affiliate Manager is that its capable of tracking the referrals that each of your affiliates brings. Both newbie and niche marketers will find Affiliate Manager to be useful and offers a solid solution for both small and medium-sized business who want to implement an affiliate marketing program.

Additional Features

• This plugin does not limit the number of affiliates that you can add.
• Options for paying affiliates provided.
• You can create unlimited banners and ads.
• Provides the tools required to customize affiliate messages and registration.
• The cost is $39 for a single suit and $97 for multiple- WordPress installations.
• This plugin is translation ready and supports a total of 12 languages.
• Affiliate manager integrates with: WP eStore ,WooCommerce ,WP eCommerce,Simple Shopping Cart and more.

Price: For a single site, it will cost you $39. However, for multiple WordPress installations, it’s only $97.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

This affiliate plugin is available as a free and also as paid-for version. Basic features are on the free version while the premium version offers more advanced features. With this plugin, affiliate registration is direct and straightforward.

Free Features

  • Each affiliate gets an own dashboard.
  • The system automatically computes commission and deducts it in case there is a refund.
  • Creates new affiliates from the users who are registered on your website.
  • Uses shortcodes in affiliate registration.

Premium Features

  • This plugin allows for the setting of different commission rates for products and users on your website.
  • A detailed commission report for every available product is provided.
  • Automated/manual affiliate registration.
  • Accurate records for affiliates and statistical information for every click and visit.


This is not only a robust but also the best WooCommerce plugin to help you create an affiliate program for your online store. It offers 15 free and 14 premium add-ons that help you get started with an affiliate program. This in essence means that the plugin is capable of supporting many third-party integration, providing you with a myriad of tools for your affiliate marketing campaign.

AffiliateWP Features

  • Affiliate coupon-tracking feature that links coupon codes to certain affiliate-accounts.
  • Automatic affiliate creation, especially when intending to have your customers as affiliates.
  • Set different rates of commission for affiliates and products.
  • Reject referrals on refund, where a commission is deducted whenever a purchase is refunded.
  • You can disable some of your products from creating referrals.

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce

Refer a friend for WooCommerce is a top free affiliate marketing plugin that rewards your affiliates with discount codes. This plugin integrates quickly with WooCoupons, so your affiliates or visitors will be able to purchase more products and benefit from the discounts that are offered.

Free features

The free version of Refer a Friend for WooCommerce plugin is linked with WooCoupons and allows you to do the following:

  • Define a coupon according to types.
  • Set the monetary value of every coupon that will be used on your website. This can be a fixed percentage or an amount based on another criterion.

Premium Features

  • Set the smallest order amount.
  • Assign a coupon as product-specific or not.
  • Set expiry dates of coupons.
  • Set whether a coupon is general or applies to certain categories only.
  • Styled templates for email.
  • WooCommerce subscription compatibility.

Thirst Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is definitely the best of the link management tools that are available out there today. With this tool, you’ll be able to have complete control over the affiliate links that appear on your website or blog pages. In some cases, a link may be longer, and maybe cumbersome to go back to a website to copy a link every time a product is mentioned in your content. Also, there are instances where you’ll want to activate the no-follow attribution. These are challenges that be managed easily when you are using Thirst Affiliates.

Other Thirst Affiliates features include:

  • Link picker which helps you while inserting affiliate links to posts, comments, and pages throughout your website pages.
  • Different types of links to leverage shortcodes and images.
    Automated link shortening to help create memorable and brandable affiliate URLs.
  • Customizable link-prefix selections to provide visitors with a good impression before they start clicking.
  • For those with a large collection of links, Thirsty Affiliates allows for clever segmentation.
  • High-tech settings panel which allows for global configuration such as nofollow attribution and redirect types.

Amazon Auto Links plugin helps you insert Amazon products on your website using the latest version of Amazon Product Advertising API. With this plugin, you choose to insert specific products or have a feed that gets the latest products updated in some specific categories. Amazon Auto Links provides you with four ways which you can display products on your website:

  • Display via URL, which shows a product from an external source online.
  • Product search, which picks up products when a search query is received by amazon.
  • Item lookup, which displays an individual product when a search is done.
  • Category, which presents dynamic product feed in specific categories.

Other Features include:

  • This plugin is able to filter unwanted products.
  • A one site-license is priced at $57.98 while for 5 websites is $97.98. However, an unlimited license costs $297.98.
  • Provides a wide range of customizations that helps you create your personal templates.

Nonetheless, shortcode parameters can be used to customize the possible output, take for instance changing the length of product description or altering the size of the product image. You’ll find it incredibly easier to insert specific products. You add the normal product URL to your content and this plugin automatically adjusts this link to use your affiliate link. You can also make it to convert links in comments obtained from other users. Fortunately, Amazon Auto Links takes care of all Amazon Locales

When you are looking for a WordPress affiliate marketing plugin that helps you shorten links using your domain name, then you shouldn’t look further than Pretty Links. This plugin can also be used when you want to optimize the affiliate links that appear on your web pages. In simple terms, when you provide Pretty Links with your affiliate information, it automatically spreads and positions these links in the best places within your content.

Pretty Links Features

  • Allows you to create simple and clean URLs on your website.
  • Tracks the number of clicks for every available link.
  • Records the number of unique clicks for every link.
  • Provides downloadable information on hits per click achieved.
  • A reporting interface is provided where you’ll be able to see a chart on the number of clicks per day.
  • You can view the details of every click, which include IP address, browser, remote host, and more.
  • Intuitive Ajaxified user-interface.
  • You can pass custom-parameters to your content via this plugin.
  • It’s able to exclude internet protocol addresses from statistics.
  • Create noindex/nofollow links.
  • Turn tracking on or off.

Price: $99, $149, and $199 for one, two, and five websites respectively.


This plugin is made purposely for Amazon affiliates and offers features that are helpful while placing product box ads and text links. With AAWP, you have a choice of several methods that you can employ while placing your ads.

The main AAWP features include:

  • Supports Google AMP and geo-targeting.
  • Your settings can be configured according to your preference
  • Tracking IDs can be added so as to create affiliate links.
  • You can customize the styles and colors to suit your brands and to match your website.
  • It is not dependent on any theme.
  • Supports all Amazon partner-networks.
  • Automated update of information.
  • The caching feature helps to keep the number of API requests at a minimum level.
  • This plugin offers several, well-designed templates that include tables, lists, boxes, and more.

Final Verdict

While the above list of the best affiliate marketing plugins and tools is not exhaustive, it presents you with popular selections of plugins based on features and functionalities. The list above makes it easy for you to choose the best based on features and personal requirements, and since we have provided most of the important features, you’ll be able to save yourself of time and effort.

This is also incredibly beneficial if you are new to the field of affiliate marketing. If you want an affiliate marketing plugin that’s proven to increase your earnings, that’s already in use by hundreds of affiliate marketers and which support is just an email away, then I recommend WP Coupons and Deals.

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