Powerful WordPress Timeline Plugins for 2020

Letting your audience know about your brand’s history is of utmost importance, and this becomes even more important when you are promoting this online, on a website. This is because this information will be accessed by many people, including across the boundaries. Adding a timeline on your site offers immense benefits since your visitors get to know about your business and will certainly fall in love with it.

You’ll find that some of the visitors to your website will not just be interested in what’s trending, but may also want to go deeper and learn more about your history. There is no better way to help them learn more about your current and past achievements than by having a timeline on your website.

Why use Timeline plugins?

However, adding a timeline may present some challenges, especially those who are not conversant with code.  This shouldn’t worry you because you can use a WordPress plugin to add a timeline to your website quickly and with minimal effort. There are many excellent timeline plugins, some with better features when compared to others. However, before you start installing timeline plugins for WordPress, ensure that you look at the available demos. This will help you understand how they work, and perhaps help you know what to look for in a widget.

Considerations to make when choosing a timeline plugin

Responsive Design

The timeline plugin should be responsive. These days, websites prioritize responsiveness, and with handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones being used to access websites, you should ensure that everything runs perfectly well on these devices.

Ease of Customization

The timeline plugin that you install should be easy to modify and personalize. If this is not the case, it will be somewhat harder for you. It’s imperative that you install a WordPress timeline widget that allows for the highest levels of accessibility while installing.

Smooth & Clean Timeline Navigation

The timeline you’ve selected should provide a brilliant user experience not only to your website visitors but also to you. The plugin should be able to serve the needs of the users perfectly well. There should never be any puzzlement when displaying information.

Type of Content

You should seriously consider the type of content that you would like to add to your timeline. Some plugins will allow you to display texts on your timeline, while others can enable you to insert custom HTML, images, and videos. Moreover, there are a few widgets that allow you to add social sharing buttons to your timeline.

Best WordPress Timeline Plugins for 2020

The following are the best WordPress timeline plugins for 2020. These selections offer incredible features and can be quite helpful when you want to present a gorgeous past and future timeline to your website visitors.

Cool Timeline Pro

Cool Timeline Pro makes it incredibly easy to add not only interesting but also unique timelines to your website. After you’ve installed this timeline, you definitely will be able to add horizontal and vertical timelines to your WordPress powered website, displaying historical information that you consider is important for your business. With this plugin, you can also create an interesting timeline in your blogs and display them in an interesting manner.

With this incredible tool, adding images to your timelines can be done without breaking a sweat. Fortunately, you can use the settings of this timeline widget to determine how your timeline works and looks. If you are interested in a feature-rich widget that can help you create all types and styles of timelines, then Cool Timeline Pro is worth looking at.


  • This plugin offers a compact layout, and best for those who are short of space.
  • This plugin filters content based on a certain predetermined criterion.
  • Allows for the choice of a double-sided design or single-sided designs.
  • There are attractive animation effects that help to bring your timeline to life, and attract your visitor’s attention.

WP Timeline

WP Timeline allows you to display any type of information that you want to display on your website timeline.  This plugin supports WordPress posts and posts and also supports diverse types of post formats, and allows you to enjoy diverse customization options.

You can use the settings that are available to determine the content that should be displayed on your timeline. With the WP Timeline widget, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of timelines as may be required by your project, giving you as many options of using the plugin as possible. You can start with the free version, and upgrade when your requirements increase.


  • Choose the type of content that displays on your website timeline.
  • Single & multiple column layouts.
  • Horizontal & vertical options are provided.
  • Allows you to add custom text decorations to your timeline descriptions.
  • You can customize the timeline templates and also the plugin’s output.
  • Choose from light and dark modes.
  • More granular controls that provide wider customization options.


This timeline plugin has 20,000 active installs and a higher user rating and is available as a free and also paid version. Although it is available for free, this plugin is not lacking in features. For new users. This widget allows you to add animations to the timelines that appear on your website and this boosts their chances of attracting your visitor’s attention. Whether you want to show or hide dates, or change the order in which the content on your timeline is displayed, TimelineExpress will help you achieve that.


  • Attractive CSS3 animations.
  • Powerful extensions.
  • The settings available allows you to have complete control over how your timeline content is displayed.
  • You can show or hide dates.
  • You can add a read more link to each timeline posted on your website.
  • Add YouTube videos to your timeline easily.
  • Provides unhindered access to the widget’s premium support channel.
  • In-built caching-support tool.

Everest Timeline

Everest Timeline offers 50+ high-quality templates and allows you to add a diverse range of design selections to every timeline that you publish. With this free and premium widget, you have the option of implementing a vertical or horizontal timeline depending on your preference.

You can also opt for a one-sided layout-mode or for templates that resemble the now popular Facebook timelines. You can also choose a Twitter-style timeline template for your WordPress website or blog. With this WordPress plugin, there is no limit with regard to the content that you can add to your timeline.

Here are other features that make Everest Timeline the best choice for users.

  • Supports different media formats such as custom HTML, sliders, and video.
  • Supports videos and Vimeo.
  • Social sharing buttons are provided (optional).
  • Lightbox functionality is also provided.
  • 16 animated-loader icons.
  • 14 date formats.

Timeline and History Slider

Timeline and History Slider is a widget that’s specifically designed to help you come up with a magnificent timeline for your WordPress site. This plugin is superbly designed to be easy to use and is filled with impressive features. You can easily use it to add, edit, and showcase timeline sliders on your website.

Just like a WordPress website, you can change the title, featured images, and content of the timeline. Nonetheless, you can also come up with a timeline slider-menu tab to the admin side and also with custom-post-types. You’ll find that most plugins don’t allow for the creation of horizontal timelines, but this one is indeed an exception. It’s also one of the few which you can navigate using the arrow keys.

Some of the key Timeline and History Slider include:

  • Responsive design.
  • Shortcode options.
  • Touch-enabled navigation.
  • Template codes.
  • Attractive slider design.

Event Timeline

Anyone looking for a widget that has the capability to display flawlessly various events that are associated with your business in time will find the Event Timeline to be a worthy choice. It is expertly developed with numerous features that make adding timeline elements to your website easy and interesting.

Take, for instance, this plugin allows you to add content to your timeline with 4 amazing themes, and your timelines are displayed horizontally or vertically depending on what’s best for you. Moreover, you will be able to add your stories via images, slideshows, and videos. And if you want to use custom colors and designs, this plugin helps you to achieve just that.

Here are the amazing features that make Event Timeline the go-to option for many WordPress website owners.

  • Responsive designs.
  • 18+ gorgeous themes.
  • Supports audio post formats.
  • Endless color options.
  • Multiple-timeline stories.

Post Timeline

Post Timeline is an amazing resource if you want to create a gorgeous timeline for your business website or blog. With the help of this widget, you can create several vertical timeline blogs. And this timeline can be extended if you feel that your history timeline is somehow congested. All your timeline content can be showcased attractively via this WordPress plugin.

It’s also possible to display your timelines in ascending order or create an animated scroll automatically. With this plugin, it’s also possible for you to add an easy, single timeline, multiple timelines, or even header post with just a single shortcode. The elements in the timeline can benefit from the multiple color options on offer. If you desire, you can also assign icons for every timeline that’s on your site.

Among the key features offered by Post Timeline include:

  • Separate page URLs.
  • Attractive side navigation.
  • Timeline categories.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • The plugin is well documented.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar widget displays various events and calendars on your WordPress site. With this tool, you can showcase vital events on your website. This is one of the timeline plugins that have been in the market for longer and satisfies all the requirements to provide a   well-functioning and superior timeline on your website.

A special booking option is available with this plugin, and this is especially useful to your customers or website visitors who want to book attendance to the events that you have listed on your website. This plugin helps showcase important events that have taken place in the past, but also those that you have slated for the future.

Some of the features offered by the Booking Calendar plugin include:

  • Responsive design, so the timeline responds well when opened on handsets of different screen sizes.
  • The widget offers friendly booking options.
  • The admin panel is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Compatible with Google Calendar.

The Events Calendar Shortcode and Templates

This timeline plugin for WordPress allows you to add past and future timelines of your business on your website in an attractive manner. But since this is an addon, you will be required to add the Events Calendar widget for it to work. However, it’s important to know that this plugin is limited in terms of functionality, but this can be lifted by incorporating other timeline plugins for WordPress.

With free design templates and flexible functionality, this plugin helps you to set up your timeline in minutes. And before you get started, there is a fantastic demo that you can use, and with the incredible ease of use and available customization options, this timeline plugin surely makes a great choice. You can use this plugin to highlight important events in your timeline and make them more visible to your targeted audience.

Key Features

  • Customizable font options.
  • Friendly user interface.
  •  Shortcode generator.
  • Demo for events carousel.
  • Multiple template designs.

Blog Designer

This plugin is not only used in creating timelines for blogs, but also for websites.  This widget has a news template and timeline. The available template is particularly helpful for creating and adding attractive timelines to your WordPress site.  While the free version provides enough templates, more timeline templates are available for those who upgrade to the pro version. The background colors can be changed quickly and effortlessly. It’s also responsive and compatible with all browsers.

Here are the key features offered by Blog Designer

  • Custom CSS.
  • Alternative-background color options.
  • Numerous page selection choices.
  • Tags options and post categories.
  • Translation ready.


Undoubtedly, there are endless timeline plugins for WordPress that are available online today. While a majority part provides features that are almost similar to another, there are some that offer unique features. Fortunately, even the free options have amazing features that can help you get started with posting your timeline online, but where you need to create a highly personalized and advanced timeline for your website visitors, advanced features that are offered by pro versions of timeline plugins suffice.

However, it really helps when you can get the best plugin for what you want to do because they are not made equal. It’s of essence that you understand what type of content you want to have in your timeline, ease of navigation of the plugin, and the ability to customize the timeline to suit your unique requirements.

Check out for a demo before you decide on whether or not you will be using a timeline plugin. No matter what you want, the above list of powerful WordPress timeline plugins for 2020 should provide the best choice of a timeline to help you choose the best plugin for creating a beautiful timeline for your WordPress website.

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