Top Rated Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress

Your content needs links before it can rank. Google easily find your pages and posts when they’re linked from a certain location online. With internal linking, your website or blog content are linked together and this lets Google know something about your site’s structure, while also establishing a hierarchy on your website, therefore giving the most important posts and pages more value than other less valuable pages. This is why using the best internal linking strategy helps in boosting your SEO.

An internal link refers to any link that joints different pages on your site. Your visitors use these links in order to navigate through your website and discover relevant content which they want to read. While navigating your site, Google also uses these links. It will undoubtedly be cumbersome for search engines to locate your pages when they aren’t linked.

Nonetheless, internal links are available in different kinds. Other than the links that appear on your menu, home page and post feed, among others, links can be included inside of the content, to link users or visitors to related and interesting content. These are mostly known as contextual links. These links help to determine the value of your site’s pages while also assisting search engines to discover related content on your website.

It’s an open secret that internal links are amazingly beneficial for SEO. By adding internal links, you make it easier for the search engines to index your pages and get it ranked and also improve the overall experience for the people who will visit your site for information. A visitor who has spent some time reading an article to the end is considered to be interested and why not make it easier for such a person to locate other related and relevant content? This can better be done by providing links to relevant content within your posts. 

Passing link juice: internal linking helps in passing link juice from one of your site’s pages to another. This is one of the reasons why it’s recommended to link from your old article to a new one.

Deep indexing and crawling: interlinking helps Google and other search engine bots to crawl and index your website content more effectively.

Before You Start Linking Internally

Before start linking your website pages, you should ensure that the structure of your internal links is proper. Adding links, the manual way can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you are running a blog or website with thousands of pages.

Thankfully, there are reliable plugins that you can use in WordPress to help you in adding internal links to your content quickly. With these internal linking plugins for WordPress, you can easily update your old content and add new internal links. All these help in boosting your on-page search engine optimization and also help boost your ranking on the search engines.

Best Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress

Now that we’ve known what internal links are and the role, they play in improving your on-page SEO, lets now look at these reputable internal linking plugins for WordPress to help you pick one for your site.

Link Whisper is regarded as the most powerful option out there today because it helps provide suggestions that are helpful to your readers and which assist you rank higher on the search engines. The plugin is artificial intelligence-powered and this makes it possible to provide automated link-suggestions when you commence writing your article in WordPress.

This link suggestion is located just under the post editor, and the amazing part of it is that you can add the links right from there. You’ll just need to select the links & hit the “Update Post” icon. Another amazing feature that makes Link Whispers the go to option for many website owners is the internal linking report, where you are able to see how many inbound and outbound links that you have.

You can include an inbound internal links to blogs that you’ve just published by clicking on the “Add”, right inside the internal links column. Nonetheless, you’ll also be able to fine-tune your suggested links from settings so as to ignore some phrases or words, and this results in optimal and more relevant link suggestions.

Other features offered by Link Whispers include:

  • It’s amazingly easy to use.
  • Powerful reporting.
  • Automatic link suggestions are provided.
  • You’ll find it easy to install.
  • This plugin is compatible with Gutenberg Editor.

What’s the cost of this plugin?

You’ll have to part with $67 to get a license for 1 website with access to all the available features. However, you will pay $97 and $147 for a 3 site and 10 site licenses respectively. Each of these plans includes tutorials, hordes of features, and support.

Rank Math

Rank Math from Mythemeshop has got the attention of many content developers thanks to the hordes of features that this single tool offers. This incredible plugin adds internal links via the link-suggestion that’s provided in the WordPress editor.

Rank Math WordPress Plugin

As you write content on your blog or site, Rank math scans through the site and suggest some links to relevant content that you can add right away. The plugin suggests posts based on the title and keywords in the current post, based on the personalized settings that you provide. So, if you are on the lookout for a superior plugin, with top grade search engine optimization features, then you should take a look at the Rank Math plugin.

Notable features:

  • Provides comprehensive sitewide analysis.
  • Exceptionally rich snippets.
  • 404 error monitoring.
  • Comprehensive link counter for every post on your website (internal, inbound & external links).

Yoast SEO

Although several SEO plugins are in the market today, Yoast SEO has continued to retain the apex slot in the search engine optimization industry. But Yoast is not just for SEO, it also provides an incredibly easy way to interlink your website or blog posts without leaving out of the WordPress editor.

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

The Yoast-Insights tool employs different metrics to scan through available content then come up with a list of suggested links which you can use for your interlinking. You can drag and drop the suggested link or copy and paste it to your blog.

Yoast SEO Features:

  • Optimizes content for synonyms, phrases or keywords.
  • Provides detailed content-insights for your blogs and website posts.
  • Redirections, among others.

This is a powerful tool for your search engine optimization strategy, which helps you come up with excellent internal linking for your website. The array of features that this plugin offers makes it possible for you to develop a robust link-structure, boost conversions and enhance search engine rankings among other vital tasks.

Bottom of Form

Interlinks Manager Plugin

With this tool, you are also able to analyze essential metrics that matter to internal links such as the visits that each link has generated, optimization status of links and the total number of internal links on your web pages among other metrics. This information is useful when it comes to optimizing internal links for improved search results.

Computing the SEO link juice for every link that’s present on your website is another unique feature that Interlinks Manager offer. After considering several parameters, this plugin suggests the best and most relevant links that can boost your visitor traffic, improve conversions and sales.

Interlinks Manager Suggestions

Other Interlinks Manager features

  • This plugin internal linking plugin is Gutenberg ready.
  • If necessary, you can disable some features for specific user roles.
  • All your internal links data can be exported in .CVS format
  • Create automated internal links by converting keywords and phrases into links.
  • Calculates link juice
  • Track your internal links
  • Export data to csvs.

Price: This feature-rich plugin costs $33 and this includes 6 months of support.

Internal Link Juicer is another plugin that has earned a slot in our best internal plugins for WordPress. This plugin helps you to incorporate internal links to your content automatically and smartly by configuring keywords with the content that you post. This plugin is highly recommended for affiliates and digital marketers.

Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin

Take  for instance, if you link the keyword( fast website) with a post titled “5 Tips to help you speed up your website”, the Internal Link Juicer will be using this specific keyword to link to this post all the time you  write other posts. If you are interested in a free plugin, then the Internal Link Juicer should be the go-to option.

Among the optimization tweaks which you can carry out with this plugin include:

  • Excluding a specific type of post from internal linking.
  • Restrict the number of internal links that a post can have. 
  • Diversify anchor texts by putting spaces between keywords.

Internal Link Juicer is known to be an effective internal linking plugin. The plugin is built to offer the following features:

  • Custom-link output
  • Configurable link behavior
  • Diversify anchor-text
  • Automate internal linking.

Final Thoughts

Internal linking is quite an integral part of on-page SEO and there is no doubt regarding its importance in boosting your website’s SEO capability. If done well, internal linking helps rank your money-making pages higher than your competition, improves the overall experience of your users, and also shares the juice among the posts.

However, doing internal linking manually is tedious and time-consuming. With the above incredible internal linking plugins for WordPress, you’ll be able to automate the process and save many hours in a process than would otherwise be tedious.

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