7 Best Call to Action Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the perfect Call to Action Plugin for WordPress? You’re in the right place.

If you have a blog or website, you’ll need a Call to Action (CTA), or multiple of them(CTAs).  Your marketing campaigns can never be successful unless there is a successful call to action. Conversions, business, revenue, and profit are all dependent on the potent call to action. The power of CTA forms the key foundation of any online foundation.

But the beauty of the design of your CTAs, the power of the message they carry, and their positioning on your blogs or website determine whether or not you’ll be able to convince your customers to act in a particular manner.

Here below, I am going to describe shat a call to action is, the different forms which it takes, and how you can include the key elements to ensure that your CTAs work for you.

What a Call to Action is (And Why It Matters)?

A Call to Action is an appeal made by website owners to the users, inviting their response or actions on a certain matter, which can be signing up for an email list, filling out a form, downloading a PDF, click-through to another page, or buy a product, among others. If your visitors can respond to your call to action, then you’ll have more conversions, which is a sign of a successful CTA campaign.

It’s vital to know that CTA, or click to action is indeed the tipping point between conversion and bounce rate.

Some of the most notable CTA types include:

  • Help- which is now an online-chat in most instances.
  • Social media sharing buttons.
  • Read more
  • Try it now
  •  Information gathering-forms
  •  Buy/ add to cart buttons
  •  Subscription signups

Where you position your CTAs will determine how much success you’ll achieve in your campaign. Some of the areas where you will find highly effective CTAs are on the side panels, purchase pages, persistent headers, such as the Hello Bar, slide ins and pop-ups.

So Why Does CTA Matter?

A good CTA entices your blog or site visitors to act in a manner that benefits you. This is why you should pour all your creativity and persuasive effort into ensuring that your Call to Action gets as good as it possibly can. How your CTA looks, what it says and where you put it determines whether someone will take action or not.

Your CTAs matter the most because:

It inspires your sales funnel.

Sales funnel and CTAs work in tandem, and it’s the transition between different phases in a buyer’s journey. They help with providing instructions to the buyer on what actions they should take next. Whether your intention is to have the visitors subscribe to an email list, give you their contact or download something, you can provoke this action with an intelligently designed and well-positioned CTA.

Your blog/website visitors want them!

CTAs are not just necessary for business. As a matter of fact, customers expect and want them. Many websites or blog visitors look up to CTAs at the end of every page in order to take the next step. After reading your content and get engaged, they depend on your CTAs to learn the type of action that they should take the next. Without a CTA, your visitors will get confused and you will lose a conversion.

CTAs enhances the success of your digital campaign

Digital advertising is centered around creating a hype about a service or a product, therefore grabbing the attention of potential buyers and asking them to seal the deal. With properly done CTAs, you will be able to have that hook which inspires your customers to take the requisite steps. With your CTAs forming the focal point of your advertising creative, you are able to boost your levels of success.

What is a WordPress Call to Action Plugin?

WordPress call to action plugins are tools that give you the power to ask your customers to act in a particular manner, which guarantees you a better conversion rate.

Many of your visitors don’t necessarily act the way you would like them to, so you must ask. This is the key reasoning that necessitating adding a catchy call to action at strategic points of your websites such as in the middle of content, on the side bars, on hello bars, and more.

WordPress Call to Action plugin gives you the power to ask your customers to act in a certain manner, which gives you optimal conversions. Call to Action plugins include:

  • Notification bar plugins
  • Popup plugins
  • Urgency/countdown plugins
  • Landing page plugins
  • Plugins for placing attention grabbing-buttons & layouts.

Best Call to Action WordPress Plugins

Now, let’s dig in and look at these Call To Action plugins one after another.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum - Call to Action Plugin

Thrive Ultimatum is developed by Thrive Themes, the company that also made the Thrive Leads plugin. This plugin aims at boosting the urgency of conversions to your Call to Action (CTAs). With this plugin, you are able to:

  • Develop a fixed-date campaign (For instance, the campaign comes to an end at noon of September 15).
  • An evergreen-scarcity campaign where each of the unique visitors has its own 24 hour-countdown timers.

The most astonishing thing about these countdown timers is that you can make them real. In essence, this means that you can create a personalized sales page with countdown timers that are only visible to visitors whose countdown timers are not yet expired.

To achieve this goal, Thrive Ultimatum ensures that each visitor is tracked, and will be able to view their own timer, even when they exit the site and return later. This is also the case when they go to another page on your site.

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can also display your countdown-timers across different spots on your website, which include:

  • Widgets
  • In-content
  • Notification bars

When creating your countdown offers, you will perhaps be using the same highly visual drag & drop interface that you get with the amazing Thrive Leads builder.

Thrive Ultimatum plugin offers lots of amazing automated features. For instance, you can change the design as well as the text of your timers during your campaign period. For instance, you can choose to increase your level of aggressiveness when the campaign is almost coming to its end.

Nonetheless, this call to action plugin also allows you to start a timer when someone subscribes to your email-list through Thrive Leads. You can also trigger urgency-campaigns when a visitor clicks any of your links in an email.

If you want to have urgency as a component of your CTAs, Thrive Ultimatum is definitely the most complete toolkit for WordPress that you’ll find out there today.

Price: This plugin is priced starting at $97 for single website use. Alternatively, you can get this amazing plugin when you pay for Thrive Themes membership.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is another incredibly popular plugin by Thrive Themes. It offers lots of features that can be used to boost the effectiveness of your call to action and opt-in campaigns. This call to action plugin allows you to create the following kinds of CTAs.

  • Yes/No & multiple-choice forms
  • In-line forms
  • Sticky ribbon (or the notification bar)
  • Widgets
  • Two-step opt-in forms
  • Popup lightbox
  • Content lockers
  • Scroll mats
  • Slide-ins
  • Screen fillers

 You’ll find that most of the features and functionality offered by this plugin helps you to create the best call to action to subscribe to your email list. However, the features it provides can also be used for a myriad other campaign that include driving people to your sales page.

When creating a new CTA with this plugin, you have an option of building your own from scratch or select from a number of already configured templates. Whichever way you go, you will end up with a visually captivating, drag & drop interface that allows you to customize your call to action messages. The interface you’ll be using is based on the well known Thrive Architect page builder, which allows for amazing levels of flexibility.

Other beneficial features:

  • Other than being able to control your CTAs design, this amazing plugin also avails a number of other attributes that help you to optimize and target your CTAs.
  • By using certain targeting rules, that are specific to WordPress, you’ll be able to target specific users or content. For instance, you can choose between anonymous visitors and logged-in users.
  • Another super useful feature here is an option that allows for the display of varied offers to visitors who have subscribed to your email list. This does not only help you maximize your conversion efforts but also don’t annoy your email subscribers.
  • A variety of existing triggers allows you to control the timing, even with the option for exit-intent.
  • And if you want to get your forms optimized. Thrive Leads provides an analytics area on the dashboard and a built-in A/B testing function, which you can use to test forms against another.

Price: Thrive leads price commences at $67 for a single site. Or, it’s available when you pay for Thrive Themes Membership.


ConvertPro is an amazingly versatile call to action plugin for word press that provides you with tons of CTA types to use. This plugin can be used as a standalone to create many types of CTAs or can be integrated with many other email marketing services, therefore enhancing its ability to come up with amazing CTAs.

ConvertPro WordPress plugin supports these kinds of CTA:

  • Slide-ins
  • Lightbox popups
  • Info bars
  • Embedded content
  • After post
  • Convert mat
  • Widget
  • Fullscreen popup

From the features that this WordPress CTA plugin offer, it becomes increasingly clear that ConvertPro shares lots of similarities with Thrive Leads.

However, one key area that ConvertPro exceeds Thrive Leads is when it comes to triggering rules and targeting. With this widget, you get many options and some of them include:

  • Geotargeting
  • Device targeting
  • Referrer targeting
  • Exit-intent-triggers

So, if your interest is in getting most of the trigger and targeting options, that’s where ConvertPro delivers better when compared to Thrive Leads.

However, where this plugin is not very good is the drag & drop functionality that   is not quite visual when compared to what you get with the Thrive Leads.

The large collection of pre-made libraries helps to make things easier though. Moreover, ConvertPro also offer in-built analytics, together with A/B testing tool which helps you with proper optimization of your CTAs.

Pricing: ConvertPro is priced starting at $97/year for one website. This includes support & updates. Alternatively, you have an option for paying $399 one off payments.

Elementor Pro – Popup Builder

Elementor Pro-Popup Builder adds tons of features that enable you to take the normal highly visual drag & drop functionality that you get with the core-Elementor plugin and apply it to any kind of popup, that include.

  • Screen fillers
  • Notification bars
  • Slide ins
  • Lightbox popups

The upshot with this Call to Action plugin is that it will offer you the highest level of design flexibility, much better than what any other plugin on this list can offer.

Other than the other Elementor Pro features, there are two notable features that will be of incredible help when working on your designs:

  • Form – This allows you to create personalized forms, then connect them to an email marketing service.
  • Countdown – Makes it possible for you to create traditional or even evergreen countdown timers, therefore adding urgency to your CTAs.

But beyond the design flexibility that Elementor Pro – Popup Builder offers, you are still able to benefit from immense options that help you to target as well as trigger your popups. You can set your popup to target device, content, and user-logged in status, among others. Triggers can also be set by exit intent, time, and scroll, among others.

 It’s imperative to know that the Elementor popup builder is one of the many features that the Elementor Pro – Popup Builder offer. This means that you will be able to gain access to other pro functionality of this plugin at the same price, so you’ll be able to create in-content CTA boxes and landing pages, among others.

 However, Elementor Pro-Popup Builder doesn’t have analytics. If you want to do A/B testing of your CTAs, you’ll have to connect to third party plugins such as Google Optimize or Google Analytics.

Pricing: The price for Elementor Pro–Popup Builder starts at $49 for one website and $199 for unlimited websites.

Ultimate Blocks

When you are looking for Call to Action Block for Gutenberg, then you don’t have to look further than the Ultimate Blocks plugin. This plugin allows you to add a CTA box in your pages or posts, and for you to use it, you should first install Ultimate Blocks.

The Call to Action Block offers a clean design and hordes of optimization options that let you design, style, and position your CTAs at the right places that make your visitors take the actions that you desire.

The Ultimate Block’s CTA offers a number of customization options that enable you to create your call to action and position them at the right place on your website pages. This call-to-action block provides the following customization options:

  • Headline Color
  • Content Font Color
  • Headline Size
  • Background Color
  • Content Alignment
  • Border Color
  • Content Font Size
  • Button Width
  • Button Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Font Size

WP Notification Bar Pro

This is a Call to Action plugin that’s specifically build to help you create effective notification bars. While it isn’t as flexible as Thrive Leads and Thrive Ultimatum, it is a lot more cost friendly and has a free version that you can try out before you buy. This CTA plugin definitely saves you money. WP Notification Bar Pro makes it possible for you to design customizable notification bars with:

  • A search-form
  • Your social media profiles
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Link to related or latest posts
  • Countdown timer
  • A generic CTA that can link to anywhere

With WP Notification Bar Pro, you are also able to create multiple-notification bars, prioritize them and determine which of them shows when and where.

But beyond that, notification bars can be targeted to specific devices, content, or referrers. You can also set how many times that each of the users gets to see your notification bar.

Just like other top pro-CTA plugins, WP Notification Bar Pro has got built-in analytics and also A/B testing functionality that ensures that your notification bars are well optimized. This pro CTAs plugin also offers at least 18 social services, supports custom HTML and multiple color schemes, among others.

Lastly, if you desire to test drive WP Notification Bar Pro, there is a free version, with limited features and functions. It’s available at WordPress.org and allows you to create generic-button CTAs or off the shelve CTAs. However, many of the top features that you would love to use are not available.

Pricing: WP Notification Bar Pro will cost you $19 for use on one website.

WP Subscribe

There is no powerful method of driving website visitors to your blog or website than through building an email list. With a big email list, you will reduce your dependency on external traffic sources, while also being increasingly able to interact with your website or blog audience.

MyThemeShop, the developers of WP Subscribe understands your requirements and has come up with a cleanly coded, unique, and premium subscription plugin. WP Subscribe from MythemeShop helps to bring more email subscribers to your website or blog. This plugin is customizable with the help of custom CSS and is compatible with SEO and caching plugins.

WP Subscribe ensures that you can design the perfect subscription forms on your blog or website. With a perfectly optimized code, this CTA plugin loads super-fast. If you are a blog or website owner, using this tool helps increase your subscriptions by a huge number.

Here are additional reasons why you should choose this plugin from MythemeShop.

  • The best thing with this CTA plugin is that it automatically senses when users are going to exit your page, and shows it as required.
  • It is incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the weight that this CTA plugin will put up.
  • Popup animations
  • Popup trigger-control
  • Unlimited colors

Unlike other CTA plugins, it’s the only free option that offers you FeedBurner, Aweber, and MailChimp. It’s also amazingly responsive and allows you to select from three unique thumbnail styles, which include big, small, or no thumbnails at all. With WP Subscribe, you have the freedom to use the plugin on different sidebars or position it on anyplace in your theme, where a widget has been configured.

Which Call to Action Plugin is Right for You?

After looking at the above leads, and the power that each of the above plugins offers, so which call to action plugin is the best for you? If you are looking for amazing features that enable you to design your CTA, add powerful messages, and position them intelligently on your web pages, then Thrive Ultimatum would make a mighty choice for you. Even when you want to add a sense of urgency to your campaigns, or set the start and end dates of a digital campaign, Thrive Ultimatum is the best CTA plugin to use.

Another amazing option is the Call to Action Block from Ultimate Blocks, which guarantees you a clean design and endless customization options. With this amazing tool, you can create attractive, and eye-catching CTAs and position them strategically on your website or blog. With this plugin, you will be able to convince your customers to take the action that you want and boost your conversions.

Final Thoughts

CTAs are the finishing touch on any kind of content. It’s the cherry that comes above everything else that users want, whether subconsciously or consciously. Your visitor may have read through your content, and on the edge, not sure about what action to take next. 

A good CTA, that appears at the perfect moment helps to push the person towards the right direction, therefore sealing a conversion that would otherwise be lost without a powerful CTA. This way, you’ll be able to create long term, loyal customers. A call to action presents you with a subtle way of telling your blog or website visitors on how to act for your benefit.

Whether you use CTAs to direct your customers along the checkout line or to create some sense of urgency, the important thing to know is that you should never underestimate the power of CTA. Use the available call to action plugins to create a copy that shines and adds more figures to your conversions.

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