Popular Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for 2020

Google Analytics helps you to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions that can help you improve your website. However, adding this important tool to your website is not easy, that’s why website owners look for the best WordPress plugins to help make the process simpler. You’ll find that there are tons of available options online, these plugins are not made equal.  Based on this need, we have put together a list of the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins for 2020 so that you can get the analytics that you require to help boost your website growth.

Why You Need Google Analytics on Your Website

If you are serious about online business, and if you want to understand your visitor’s behavior, installing Google Analytics is a must. This tool helps you track all those who visit your website, among other important tasks that include:

  • Let’s you know about your visitor’s demographics.
  • Let’s you know how people found your website online.
  • Understand which of your website pages get the most visits.
  • Enables you know what’s happening on real time basis.
  • Keeps you on top of outbound and inbound links.

How to Use Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

To be able to enjoy the amazing insights that Google Analytics offer, it’s incredibly important that you add the plugin’s tracking code to your website. Fortunately, WordPress integrates with many plugins that helps you complete the requisite integration quickly and efficiently. Most of these plugins break down the stats into smaller bits of detailed information right on your admin interface. After a Google Analytics plugin is installed and activated, you will start getting important stats to your website.

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

With Google Analytics, you will be able to tack your website visitors and obtain detailed information that can help you make informed decisions about your business and customers. In this article, we have covered the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for 2020 to help you select one that’s most suited to your requirements.


This plugin is perhaps the most revered plugin and lets you install Google Analytics plugin so that you can track your sites quickly and with minimal hardships. The most interesting bit of this plugin is that you’ll never have to learn a single line of code to operationalize it.

Here are some of the key features that MonsterInsights offer:

  • Provides detailed reports about the visitors, which include gender, the device used to access the website, and country of origin.
  • With MonsterInsights, you can know precisely how the users accessed your website.
  • A forms addon is integrated and this allows you to keep track of form views and submissions, with the aim of increasing conversions.
  • It integrates with the EU compliance addon which ensures that your website is GDPR compliant, among other EU privacy-regulations.
  • Tracks file downloads to enable you to know how many times a specific file was downloaded.
  • It’s WooCommerce compatible.
  • Integrates perfectly with all popular WordPress themes.
  • The stats can be viewed right inside your WordPress admin area.

Price: The base plugin is free. However, premium addons start from $99.50 per year.


ExactMetrics Google Analytics plugin has more than 1 million installs and this is a clear testament about the level of usefulness that this widget offers.  Website owners will have no business downloading something that they don’t use, right? This tool was formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP) and features an incredible array of features that endear it to website owners who want to get useful insights about their WordPress sites.

Here are the main ExactMetrics Features:

  • Provides you with important visitor’s information such as bounce rates, view rates, organic searches, and mobile analytics statistics, among others.
  • This plugin allows you to check real-time stats such as traffic source, number of visitors, and more.
  • Provides detailed information per page, so you can know how better to optimize your content.
  • This plugin enables the enabling of the accelerated mobile pages tracking.

Price: This plugin is available for free.


Analytify is among the easy to install analytics plugins, which adds a robust tracking code to your website. Just like other top widgets, this selection provides you the detailed reports that you require right on the inside of your WordPress dashboard. It also integrates superbly well with other plugins, which in-turn helps to expand the functions of the plugin. The WooCommerce integration has also helped make this plugin an attractive choice for business owners.

Here are the key features that Analytify offer:

  • This plugin avails analytics inside the WordPress admin area.
  • This widget supports diverse addons, which helps to improve its functionality.
  • Integrates with eCommerce tracking software and also with Easy Digital Downloads, so you can have a glance at your sales transactions, revenue, and more.
  •  This widget is capable of sending automated reports to your email for every stat that applies to your website pages.

Cost: The basic Analytify plugin is free, but the premium is available from $39.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Are you on the lookout for a superior Google Analytics tool that can help you track your online store and provide valuable detailed stats?  If yes, then you shouldn’t look beyond the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin. Although it has got some limitations, such as not supporting WordPress Child themes, it still offers amazing features that make it worth using to fetch incredible Google Analytics data from your website.

Here are the top features that Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin Offer:

  • After you’ve installed it, this plugin employs the eCommerce tracking functions of Google Analytics to study the behavior of your visitors and help you optimize your content based on the available stats.
  • It’s capable of supporting four kinds of performance and behavior reports: checkout, shopping, sales and product.
  • Assists you in tracking product clicks, add to cart and impressions, for all your featured products or per category.

Price: Free.

Google Analytics by 10Web

Out of the many free Google analytics plugins that are available out there today, Google Analytics by 10Web definitely gets the work done pretty well. All of this plugin’s settings can be managed from the admin area, while all the reports are also displayed on the same admin area. However, if you feel that you need more powerful features, the pro version will be available at an affordable price.

Here are the incredible features that Google Analytics by 10Web offer:

  • This widget enables you set and manage all your website goals within your website’s dashboard.
  •  All your analytics can be obtained right inside your dashboard.
  •  You can integrate this plugin with Google AdSense if you want to collect important insights from your advertising campaigns.
  •  Reports in CSV can be exported to somewhere else.
  •  This plugin enables you to send automated-email reports.
  • Does other custom and specialized tasks such as ecommerce tracking, custom event tracking and send custom notifications on certain specific triggers.

Price: Google Analytics by 10Web is free, but premium is priced from $30.

GA Google Analytics

A lightweight and also GDR compliant, GA Google Analytics offers an array of features that helps you get the right data to make the requisite decisions. For instance, you can disable the tracking of admin level website users and also enables you to customize the tracking code which this plugin offers. However, it’s one of the options that requires you to log into the Google Analytics page when you want to view your stats because this is not possible with thin the admin-panel area.

The GA Google Analytics offers these features:

  • You can disable the tracking of admin level users hence you’ll only get information from the right visitors.
  • If you want, the tracking code can be customized.
  • This analytics widget does not display your statistics inside the admin panel, instead you will have to get these stats from your Google Analytics account.

Price: The free version is available to anyone, while premium is priced starting at $15.

WP Google Analytics Events

Would you like to track some important events that take place on your website without writing any code? Well, Google Analytics Events can help you do more than just that. With this analytics plugin, you’ll have proper insights regarding what your visitors do while on your website.  The basic version provides just a few features, which can help you get started with gathering analytics, but the advanced versions offer a wide array of features to help you get your stats with no problems. However, the reason that this plugin comes almost at the bottom of our list is that it is not as robust as others that we have ranked them high up in this list.

Here are the features that WP Google Analytics Events offer:

  • This plugin allows you to compare the effectiveness of your call to action buttons.
  • It helps with the tracking of page navigation, contact form submission, and links.
  • Vimeo and Video tracking, among other advanced features, are offered by the premium version.

Price: The basic version of WP Google Analytics Events is free, but the premium version is priced starting at $79 per year.

Final Thoughts

The importance of Google Analytics on your website cannot be underestimated. You’ll definitively want to understand your visitor’s behavior as this will help you strategize and optimize your content to suit your visitor’s requirements. If you know where your website visitors come from, how they found your website and understand their behavior while on your pages will help you figure out how better to keep them engaged. With the best Google Analytics plugin installed on your website, you’ll also be able to know what happens in real time basis, while also keeping tabs on your inbound and outbound links.

In our collection of Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for 2020 list above, we can conclude that MonsterInsights is the top choice of Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, thanks to the varied features and statistical reports that can provide you. This plugin has a free version, and the premium version is amazing, with tons of features that make it the go to choose. We hope we have helped you find the best WordPress Google analytics plugin.

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