Best Elementor Add-ons Plugins

Elementor WordPress page builder has become immensely popular because it’s easy to use, flexible and powerful. The fact that there is a free version that can be extended with Elementor add-ons has contributed to this popularity.

The default Elementor has many features already, but the add-ons help make things even better. These plugins or add-ons integrate with Elementor easily and their diverse features help in making page building easy and interesting.

These add-ons provide a variety of new Elementor widgets that you can use in your designs while others add new functionality for already existing widgets. In this post, I have collected 10 of the best Elementor add-ons plugins, so keep reading and check them out.

Essential Addons for Elementor 

Essential Addons for Elementor

This Elementor add-on commands the largest number of users among third party extensions, with more than 800,000 active installs. There are 100+ blocks that are offered by the premium version and you can import them to your pages and customize them to offer you the desired result. The amazing thing with this addon plugin is that you get more than awe-inspiring 59 elements with it. This plugin is compatible with all major browsers.


  • Parallax effects
  • Off-canvas
  • Lightbox and modal
  • Form styles
  • Elements control options
  • Advanced Google map
  • Dynamic filterable gallery
  • Content timeline
  • Team member carousel
  • Price menu

CrocoBlock Elementor Extension 

CrocoBlock Elementor Extension

This is a feature-rich plugin that offers everything that you need to build WordPress websites in one place. From dynamic content to pop-ups, CrocoBlock Elementor Extension is one of the most preferred addons by pro-designers and new website builders alike. The subscription for this addon starts from $39 annually for one website, which also covers the cost of Kava, a multi-purpose WordPress theme, and numerous other jet plugins that this incredible addon offers. You’ll discover many more widgets and extensions for Elementor page-builder that are necessary for your site’s development process.


  • A complete library of readymade blocks and templates.
  • Readymade skins are compatible only with the Kava theme.
  • Ready for use page templates.
  • Page templates that are ready for use.


best elementor add-ons from powerpack

PowerPack for Elementor is a first-rate widget for Elementor that offers 37+ new widgets across three categories. With the amazing features that PowerPack for Elementor offers, together with the many third-party add-ons which it supports, you can have enough widgets to create any design that you think about.

This add-on has been developed by Idea Box Creations, which is essentially the same team behind the popular PowerPack add-on for the Beaver Builder. This add-on truly offers premium features and is priced at $59 for 1-year license or $199 for annual license.

  • 9+ Content Widgets: These widgets are mostly content oriented and includes such things as tables, price menus, business hours and recipes among others.
  • Form Styling options: This group of 5 widgets helps you to design the form output from WPForms, Ninja forms, Caldera or Contact form 7.
  • 23+ Creative Widgets: These widgets include info tables, logo carousels and counters.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor 

ultimate add-ons for elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is certainly another incredible widget filled add-on set. This one is developed by BrainStorm Force, the developers of the popular Astra Theme that’s mostly used by Elementor sites. More to these, the add-on offers form stylers for gravity forms as well as for contact form 7. Others are products, categories and WooCommerce widgets for add-to-cart.

The price is affordable for the add-ons provided, as one-year license starts at $49 while a lifetime license goes for $199. At the moment, Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor avails 22+ new widgets with a lot more on the way. As part of these 22 widgets, you will be getting content widgets that include.

  • Modal popup
  • Content toggle
  • Video
  • Timeline
  • Info box

The Plus Addons for Elementor 

The Plus Elementor addons

Do you want to supercharge your Elementor with massive functionality, creative, innovative features?

The Plus Addons for Elementor offers massive collection of new templates, blocks, widgets and Elementor functionality and many more features. It has 80+ new widgets which provides numerous options and among the most prominent widgets that this addon or Elementor offer include:

  • Pie charts
  • Ad banners
  • Hotspot/pinpoint
  • Carousels
  • Image cascading
  • Timeline
  • Draw SVG
  • Pricing lists and tables
  • Before/After

Sizzify Lite: Elementor Addons & Templates

Addons & Templates for Elementor by Sizzify Lite

Sizzify is easy to install and works with all themes that are available out there today. It’s ready to be used outside the box and allows you to add loads of widgets that work well with Elementor page builder. Sizzify Lite adds new widgets and addons specially designed for use together with Elementor page builder. The initial version contains 6 widgets and two more features have since been added to this incredible addon. This plugin offers 6 new general-purpose widgets and another 8 specialist widgets that help Elementor work much better with WooCommerce. The 8 widgets that make it better with WooComemrce include:

  • WooCommerce Recent Products
  • WooCommerce On Sale Products
  • WooCommerce Popular Products
  • WooCommerce Best Selling Products
  • WooCommerce Featured Products
  • WooCommerce Product Categories
  • New: EAW: Elementor Posts by Category
  • New: EAW: Elementor Widget Recent Posts

Other than the WooCommerce type widgets, this amazing plugin also provides a post-type grid to assist you in creating a list of your blog posts or any other post types. Other flexible widgets include Services, Pricing table, Contact form, Newsletter form, User registration form, and many more.

Press Elements

Press Elements – Widgets for Elementor

We all love websites that are visually appealing, intuitive and simple. However, for such websites to be created, the right tools are necessary. Press Elements combines the simplicity of Elementor with the efficiency offered by built in WordPress elements. We all enjoy simple, intuitive and visually appealing sites. But in order to create stunning websites you need to use the right tools.

With this plugin, you are able to preset a site’s title, business logo or post loads of data to the Elementor page builder without the need to recreate them. Once they are added in Elementor, you cannot edit the website’s logo or title because they are listed as default, but you can customize them by doing things that include changing their color, making them bounce, and styling them a little to match the design of your website. The best part about this plugin is that it allows you to save a design that you created for a post and import it in a template in the future.


  • Site Elements that include site title, site description, site logo, and site counters.
  • Post elements that cover post title, author, post terms, post comments, and post excerpt among others.
  • Special text Effects & advanced image effects such as typing effects, notes, before and after effect, and image accordion.
  • Integrations where third-party add-ons and WordPress plugins are integrated into the Elementor page builder. Press Elements make use of dynamic content architecture

Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements is a fantastic choice for developers and site owners who crave page building features that have not yet featured in previous addons. You’ll find Elementor addon elements to be quite easy to use and also provides you with awesome ways to manipulate your content. Your content will benefit from the interactive features that this addon for Elementor offers: Among the features offered by this amazing addon are:

  • Comparison table
  • Timeline,
  • Flip boxes
  • Text separators
  • Google map
  • Twitter integration
  • Different types of text splitting.

The Plus Addons 

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons is a leading choice for those who want an all-inclusive solution. The addon incorporates the best Elementor add-ons that are designed for innovation and creativity. The more than 800 customization options provided make this add-on a superior addition to the already existing features. With the Plus Add-ons, you get 50+ widgers,10+ page templates, and 300+ user interface blocks. This add-on for Elementor is best for performance, creativity, performance, and customization options. Even with the award-winning features that this Elementor plugin offer, the price is great-just $29 for a single website.


  • Info box
  • Instagram feed
  • Advanced text block
  • Pricing tables
  • Creative images
  • Advanced typography
  • Image cascading

JetTricks Add-on for Elementor 

JetTricks Addon for Elementor

JetTrick plugin is a perfect option for incorporating visual effects to website or blog pages without coding knowledge. This plugin makes use of advanced functionality as well as additional widgets for Elementor visual-page builder. With this incredible plugin, you’ll be able to add sticky elements, use parallax effects for your content and create expanded columns among others. This Elementor add-on is one of the top selling choices today and it’s priced at just $15 per year for 1 site.


  • Efficient tooltip & hotspots.
  • The sticky column that helps make your elements sticky.
  • Parallax, satellite, and particle effects.
  • Animated show more break effects.
  • Stylish unfold effects.


It appears like professional website design and lack of coding skills are discordant ideas. However, Elementor has helped break this stereotype, making it possible for everyone, even for newbies in web design to create amazing websites without the help of experienced professionals.

In this post, I have covered the 10 best “Elementor add-ons” plugins, so you can make a proper decision regarding the ones that you need the most. More to this, there are detailed tutorials for anyone who wants to get familiar with how to create content with the drag & drop functions that are available. Choose the best paid and free Elementor addons and unlock the amazingly rich functionality of your WordPress site.

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