Event Management Plugins for WordPress – Best Ones To Look Into

Anyone who has tried installing a plugin for calendar capabilities definitely knows that it doesn’t compare with event management plugins for WordPress.

Calendars are limited to just displaying the date of events, while WordPress event management plugins offer additional functions such as guest management, reservations, ticketing, booking forms, and email notifications just to name a few.

Because a calendar limits you in terms of functionality, it’s a matter of importance that you go with WordPress event management plugins. This is especially if you want your visitors to see information such as maps, images, payment methods, and speakers.

Also, there are certain instances where you’ll be hosting recurrent events, and in this scenario, a normal calendar may not help you. To help you achieve some of your sophisticated calendar features, you’ll need a WordPress event management plugin.

What’s amazing is that the list of options is quite long, so you have many options from where you can select the most appropriate one for your use. The best plugins are those that are powerful, affordable, and easy to understand. Check out the below list of the best event management plugins for WordPress.

9 Best Event Management Plugins for WordPress

Let’s go right ahead and find out the features that each of these plugins offers.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar - Event Management Plugin for WordPress

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe provides features that you can use to create a very professional calendar on your site.

This plugin also has an easy to use management area and you’ll be able to set up this calendar and have it running in no time.

Events Calendar is best for people who want to organize an event, but they don’t have the time to do so. With the sleek user interface, you will be able to present different calendar views, save venues, and also organizers for later.

Although it’s not the cheapest of event plugins, the features which it offers are simply incredible, and among them are shortcodes, recurring events, and custom-event attributes.

With the core plugin, you’ll be able to collect reservations for free and also receive payments with the Event Ticket Plugin which is available for free.

However, if you want some advanced e-commerce features, you can obtain them as add-ons. At this juncture, this plugin has 800,000 active installs and this is a testament to its exceptional popularity.

Here are additional features that The Events Calendar offers:

  • The core plugin is free.
  • The calendar can be connected to Eventbrite and also imports to Eventbrite or pulls the events right from your events page into the events calendar of your site.
  • It offers add-ons, some of which are more interesting than the average event-management plugins that you can find out there.
  • The base plugin works seamlessly for simple calendars, but there is a quite beautiful premium version that goes for $89 annually.

Events Manager

Events Manager - Event Management Plugin

Events Manager plugin is available in a feature-rich free version, but you can upgrade to the Events Manager Pro in order to gain access to more advanced features such as payment support.

The pro version has got features that are best suited for the advanced user and are available starting at $57.

The pro version guarantees you premium support, custom-payment gateway, spam protection, discounts, coupons, PayPal support, and customizable booking forms.

Nonetheless, the backend-interface is incredibly simple for the average user and when shown on the front end, the events calendar can be used to display event details or even sell tickets.

You’ll appreciate that this plugin integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and iCal feed. Events Manager is rated 4.3/5 in user reviews and has amassed 100,000+ installations.

Why Events Manager is an excellent Choice:

  • Provides an events creation & sharing center free of charge, and the key reason you would upgrade is for payment support features.
  • Allows for multi-day events registration, booking management, acceptances, rejections, and approvals.
  • You can integrate BuddyPress to this plugin to help you share your events on social media.
  • The one-day events registration is simple & straightforward since it has a predetermined start and finish times.
  • The plugin has a feature that allows guests and users to submit their events, and this is amazing for smaller organizations and public events websites that are run by several people.
  • This plugin puts more weight on locations, so you can integrate Google Maps and set up a place where events can be viewed based on their locations.
  • A tool for creating custom events attribute is available.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a simple, lightweight event-management plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is an excellent option for anyone who wants something that works faster without cluttering the backend of their site or taking up too much storage resources.

While this plugin is fairly new in the events management space, it has earned top reviews and offers great customer support. Like the majority of other plugins, the core plugin of the WP Event Manager is free. But it comes along with an option to buy more features that help to ramp up your operation.

With a simple and sleek interface, the features that the free version offers are impressive. Take, for instance, you get multilingual translations, frontend forms, shortcodes, widgets, and searchable event listings.

In WordPress.org reviews, this plugin has earned a 4.7/5 mark and has 9,000+ installations.

WP Event Manager Pro offers the following features:

  • Registrations
  • Google Maps
  • WooCommerce Sell Tickets
  • Event Alerts
  • Emails
  • Embeddable Event-Widget
  • Contact Organizer
  • Google Analytics
  • Event Tags
  • Sliders

Here are the reasons that make the WP event manager a superior choice:

  • The developers are highly responsive, even for those using the free version.
  • The plugin offers a beautiful user interface and its extremely light in weight.
  • Its configured so that you can start with the free base plugin, then pay for addons if needed, so there is no monthly fee.
  • The average price for the addons is $39, but others are priced lower than this.
  • The whole of the calendar area is AJAX-enabled.

Modern Events Calendar

The Modern Events Calendar is a modern, professional, and stylish events management calendar.

The diverse designs that are available make it an amazing option to help you brand your events.

The event recurring feature that this plugin offer makes it easy to handle these events when you don’t have to spend more time thinking about them when they come up.

And the developers of this plugin have made it easier to move all your events details if you are using a different events plugin.

The Modern Events Calendar is capable of transferring your events seamlessly. If you want to personalize the calendar with your personal branding, the available skins make that happen.

Along with other incredible features such as Google Maps, this plugin makes a superb choice for many. In WordPress.org reviews, Modern Events Calendar has 4.3 out of 5 stars. That aside, it has 60,000 active installations.

The following additional features make it a cool choice:

  • Transfer your events from a previous event-management plugin to Modern Events Calendar.
  • Some robust free integrations are available, for instance, PayPal & Google Calendar.
  • This plugin provides a booking system to enable you to build your forms in any manner that you want.
  • Creating your events is flexible, with countdown modules and limitless event possibilities.
  • This modern tool is compatible with Visual Composer & WooCommerce.

Event Organiser

With 30,000+ active installations, the Event Organizer plugin for WordPress offers an intuitive user interface and hordes of features that make it a top selection for one-off and recurring events.

Along with the features that this amazing event management plugin offers, you’ll find many addons that you can buy with the Event Organiser Pro.

Some of these high-end add-ons include customizable emails, comprehensive management areas, and secure payment gateways, just to name a few.

Other features that you get with Event Organiser Pro include:

  • Discount codes.
  • Frontend submissions.
  • Ical Sync.
  • Stripe Gateway.
  • Free addons: CSV export & Posterboard.

The following reasons explain why Event Organiser is a top choice:

  • The core plugin is available for free and the premium is sold at just $50, which is reasonable.
  • The shortcodes and widgets provided are versatile.
  • The localization of this event management plugin is a strong advantage. Several contributors have been able to provide it in different languages.
  • API documentation and other necessary support are availed to developers.
  • This plugin works amazingly well for complex, recurring events. For instance, you may have an event that runs for three days, stops for a day, then continues or another two days. With this plugin, it’s possible to manage that kind of event calendar quite effectively.
  • The plugin allows you to create and maintain venues for all events. This includes the capability to support Google maps, so visitors can check and discover the events that are within their locality.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Expresso has emerged to be a favorite for those running event management websites. This plugin is available for free, with some awesome basic features such as event registration and ticketing.

It allows for safe PayPal payments payment processing even without the need to pay for an addon.

The premium plans are priced between $79.95 and $299.95 per year. Depending on the plan that you choose, you’ll get 60+ features and a number of addons.

In WordPress reviews, this plugin has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and has 2,000 active installations.

So why is Event Espresso 4 Decaf a popular option?

  • It provides diverse types of payment methods that you can choose from.
  • It allows you to process payment via the popular PayPal Express Checkout without buying an Adonis’s completely free.
  • There is an automated tool that sends out email notifications to event subscribers.

My Calendar

My Calendar plugin is best for those who want to display their events on multiple sites via WordPress multisite.

This tool is just a regular calendar plugin that offers many event management features.

However, by linking with the My Tickets plugin, you’ll get a ticket sales to feature that serves the people who are interested in buying tickets, reservations, and printing tickets among other tasks.

Amazing Features offered by My Calendar Plugin include:

  • The pro plugin is available from $49, and this helps to turn the main plugin into an event-management portal.
  • Allows visitors to submit their own events and accept payments through PayPal.
  • It allows for the import of events from diverse sources.
  • The regular plugin provides a calendar in the grid and also in the list view. Widgets and mini-calendars are also available for small displays.
  • An email notification system that sends out a message when a venue is booked and date set.
  • According to WordPress.org reviews, My Calendar has a rating of 4.4/5 and has 30,000+ active installations,
  • This calendar plugin offers an incredibly simple calendar experience and cuts out many unnecessary features that you will find in competing plugins.
  • Allows for events import from iCal and Google Calendar.
  • The $49/year is pocket friendly when you would like to receive reservations, payments, and front-end submissions among others.
  • The plugin allows you to organize the calendar and allow access to some people while excluding it from others.

Calendarize it! for WordPress

Available for sale on CodeCanyon at $30, Calendarize it! for WordPress is capable of making an awesome calendar.

To start with, most of the addons are free, so there is no worry about spending some more money after you’ve downloaded the original events calendar for WordPress.

Among the addons are an event countdown module, accordion of up-coming events, and importer tools.

However, you will have to pay for a few add-ons, but luckily, they aren’t expensive. But one of the things that most people will find challenging is the fact that the payment options-addon is among the premium features.

So, unless you shell out some extra money, it’s possible that you won’t have that awesome functionality.

Other features that make Calendarize it! for WordPress, a better choice includes:

  • You get an eye-catching calendar-plugin at an affordable price of $30.
  • There are numerous free addons which you can download after buying the core plugin.
  • Although some of the essential add-ons need extra payments, it remains one of the unique collections of event add-ons that you can find.


This plugin features a well-designed and easy to use interface. Its minimalist design makes it possible for you to manage appointments, events, and also accept online payments.

Amelia has 10,000 active installs and you should give it a try if what you want is an all in one booking solution with no additional costs and add-ons.

This plugin has done considerably well in WordPress.org reviews and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Features That Make Amelia a Better choice:

  • Shortcodes are available on both the free and pro versions which you can place on your event calendar.
  • The paid version of this tool allows for multi-day and recurring events, along with booking management, approvals & rejections.
  • The free version has SMS and Email notification, while the pro version offers additional notification options such as follow-ups, reminders, and more.
  • Amelia events plugin is fully responsive.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a general-purpose or a specific event management plugin for WordPress, the available options are endless.

In the above list, there are amazing choices that are easy to use, affordable, and offer advanced features.

Fortunately, you can get started with the free versions, and when there is a need for more features, you can pay for a specific addon. The above-curated list of best event management plugins for WordPress helps reduce the time you’ll take while looking for a top plugin for managing your events.

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