11 Best Knowledgebase Plugins for WordPress

If you are getting many similar queries from your customers or just want your customers to understand your product better, you must create a knowledgebase. Creating a knowledgebase also ensures that your customers are satisfied therefore leading to more conversions and sales. 

A superbly-crafted knowledgebase can help reduce the problems that your customers face regarding your product. However, to craft a perfect knowledge base with WordPress, you will have to use some external tools. 

While many knowledgebase plugins are available online, the list below presents a few of the best knowledgebase plugins for WordPress that you can use.

1. Heroic KnowledgeBase

Heroic Knowledgebase Plugin

Heroic Knowledgebase for WordPress is a premium plugin that comes on top of the best knowledgebase plugins list, thanks to its amazing features and easy to use design. It’s superbly designed to help your customers succeed and have a positive experience with your site.


  • It offers a myriad of features that help keep the plugin pretty simple while also guaranteeing customizability. 
  • It’s designed to integrate with all themes, and no matter the template you are using, it looks gorgeous. 
  • This plugin’s homepage can include categories that are as diverse as your requirements.
  • Each category contains a section that has a limited number of articles and a link that points to the entire collection of articles in that particular category. 
  • The design is easy, and your customers can navigate effortlessly.
  • The search bar shows live results as the customers type and can also leave feedback on the available articles; hence you can know which one is most effective.
  • This premium plugin offers built-in analytics that collects vital statistical information that can be used to improve customer experience.

2. BetterDocs

BetterDocs Plugin For WordPress

BetterDocs knowledgebase plugin for WordPress is one of the free WordPress knowledgebase and documentation plugins. 

It comes from the same developers of other popular plugins, including WP Scheduled Posts and Essential Addons for Elementor. Free and premium versions are available.


  • The interface is smart and polished.
  • It has Ajax live search that helps users find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Automatic table-of-contents to help the users navigate every available help document easily.
  • Diverse template options on the page that lists all the knowledge base articles that you have published.
  • Includes built-in analytics to help you know the pages that convert better.
  • Drag & drop ordering feature to help you categorize your help articles.
  • Customization options are available through real time-customization tool.
  • A custom sidebar that lists your articles as per the slideout.
  • An instant answer bot is available with the premium version.
  • User role management is another fantastic feature of this knowledgebase plugin.
  • The paid version is priced from $39.

3. Helpie

Helpie WordPress Plugin

Helpie is one of the premium best knowledgebase and documentation plugins that offers a fantastic level of flexibility and an array of excellent features. The features it provides can help you create a neat and beautiful knowledgebase that serves your customers’ needs.


  • Automatic answers are pulled from your knowledge base when queries are typed on the search bar.
  • Each of the articles can have a table of content that gets auto-generated, and this helps ease navigating the posts.
  • Each article has visible buttons that help customers leave their feedback.
  • It offers a dashboard where insights such as the ratings of your articles receive from customers.
  • The design variety is a standout feature that you will like from Helpie. By clicking on the buttons to visit it, you will find demos for the wiki site, classic knowledgebase, and basic FAQ.
  • Helpie has a front-end editor, enabling you to edit your articles as you see them on your WordPress website.

4. Knowledge Base from PressApps

\Knowledge Base from PressApps

Knowledge Base from PressApps is a top seller among the premium knowledge base plugins that are available online today. It sets you up with a set of features that are quite helpful.


  • Live article searches for the quick suggestion.
  • Allows for article voting to determine the effectiveness of each article.
  • It provides many sorting and display options for your content.
  • The price starts at $49, making it reasonably affordable.

5. weDocs

weDocs Plugin for WordPress

weDocs is one of the best WordPress knowledgebase and documentation plugins developed by weDevs and provides you with a simple solution to manage your website and add to it. This is the same team that created WP User Frontend Pro and Dokan Multivendor.


  • Provides a simple and easy to use solution when adding to your knowledge base and managing it.
  • It allows you to divide your articles into various categories then employ drag and drop to alter their ordering.
  • It comes with dedicated widgets that help you add documentation search options and a table of contents.
  • weDocs is available for free.

6. MinervaKB

MinervaKB Plugin for WordPress

MinervaKB knowledgebase plugin is an incredibly powerful and customizable WordPress plugin. You can use it to create an attractive and highly functional knowledgebase for your customers. 

It has become one of the most trusted choices for WordPress website owners and professionals who want to deliver a great customer experience to their website visitors.


  • Two design styles are available: the minimalist classic knowledge base design and the classy and flashier modern styled variation of attractive and colorful design. There are updated icons for every category.
  • It has an ajax enabled search bar, so your visitors get live results while typing.
  • The search bar offers seven themes so that you can adapt a theme to your business brand.
  • MinervaKB offers plugins that help you add stylish FAQ to your website.
  • It comes with a plugin for adding stylish FAQs to your site. It also integrates with premium plugins like Visual Composer, which allows for drag-and-drop page building.
  • The price starts at $69.

7. Echo Knowledge Base

7. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base is a free plugin that is cleverly designed to provide a fantastic solution to those interested in creating knowledgebase with WordPress. It publishes knowledge base articles just like regular articles.


  • It is built in a genius way to make publishing help pages a worthwhile adventure.
  • Echo Knowledge Base creates a single homepage where all your articles are located.
  • It pulls up results when the visitors are typing thanks to the Ajax-enabled search bar.
  • A style editor that is built into the setting makes customization easy.

8. BasePress

BasePress Plugin

Although there is a free basic version, the BasePress WordPress plugin offers features that are almost close to what other premium WordPress knowledgebase plugins provide. However, the premium version offers an incredible array of features that makes crafting helpful FAQ a breeze.


  • Different base themes are offered so that you can choose one depending on your brand.
  • The free version allows you to come up with multiple knowledge bases.
  • You can use the block editor to build everything thanks to the available Gutenberg integration.
  • With the free version, you can create multiple knowledge bases if needed.
  • Ajax-enabled search bar that delivers instant live results.
  • There are dedicated widgets that help to display knowledge-based content.
  • A total of 3 knowledge-based themes are offered.
  • The premium version offers more-advanced searches
  • Customers can vote to mark an article as helpful or not, and there is an option to display articles that amass huge popularity.
  • BasePress offers an automated table of content.
  • Knowledgebase statistics are available.
  • The premium version is priced from $59.

9. BWL Knowledge Base Manager

Like most other best knowledgebase plugins, it offers top features such as Ajax live-search but lacks article helpfulness option and analytics. Despite these shortcomings, the BWL Knowledge Base Manager offers design esthetics that provides a reasonably decent appearance.


  • Table of contents – this is optional, though. 
  • A question submission form that accepts user-generated questions.
  • It offers premium features at an affordable price of just $39.

10. WP Knowledgebase

WP Knowledgebase is a top selection for those who want the best knowledgebase plugin without spending a dime. 

One feature that has ranked it high in user reviews is how easy it is to get it running. All you do is create your articles using WordPress editor and later divide them into categories. Then you can decide whether or not to let your user’s lookup specific articles.


  • Free 100 percent.
  • It is easy to get it up and to run.
  • It allows you to create your articles before embedding your knowledge base using a shortcode.

11. DocuPress 

This list of the best knowledgebase plugins couldn’t be conclusive without mentioning DocuPress. This is a super light plugin, with no bloats.


  • It is super light-with zero bloats.
  • It produces custom-post kind of content for knowledge-based articles.
  • Has widgets for displaying articles.

Final Thoughts

The above best knowledgebase plugins are just a small fraction of the choices of plugins that are available online. We have recommended them because of various features that include pricing, features, and functionalities. 

For instance, Heroic Knowledge Base is credited for the amazing functionality which it offers, but you’ll pay for these features. Other options, such as Helpie and Knowledge Base from PressApps, provides a balance of price and functionality. No matter your requirements for knowledgebase plugin, you should be able to pick up one from the above well-assembled list.

Let us know through comments which is your favorite knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

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