10 Best Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Are you finding it cumbersome selecting a builder WordPress plugin from the many that are available online? In this article, we are going to bring to you the 10 best page builder plugins which will help you make an informed choice quickly and effortlessly. 

Naturally, several things should guide you when choosing a WordPress page building plugin. To start with, you will have to look at the interface, included templates/widgets and styling options available to you.

Continue reading and discover our top best page builder plugins for WordPress and the features they offer.


Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor has more than 3,000,000 installs as per wordpress.org and this ranks it high in terms of popularity. It was rolled out in 2016 and its functionalities such as diverse styling options, attractive visual interface, and hordes of other powerful features have contributed to making page builder the go to option for most people.


  • Theme builder – This enables you to design your entire theme using Elementor Interface that’s quite convenient. With this great tool, you can work on your archive pages, footer, header, single post pages, shop pages, WooCommerce products, and custom-type templates, among others.
  • Popup builder – By using the full Elementor interface, you can design highly flexible popups. In your design, you can incorporate all regular Elementor Widgets, which assists you in creating opt-in popups, popups for contact forms, and login popups, to name a few.
  • Pricing – The core version is available for free while the paid version-Elementor Pro starts at $49 for single suit use.
  • Interface – The interface is divided into two parts, and the third area is for smaller settings.
  • Widgets – 28 widgets are included in the free version, while the pro version adds another 30 widgets, making it a total of 58 widgets.
  • Templates – With the free version, you get a total of 40 templates while the pro Elementor adds hundreds of other plugins. The templates come in the form of pages and blocks.
  • Styling – Three styling tabs are available in the left side bat of the Elementor.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder for WordPress

Divi Builder from Elegant themes is getting popular with web designers. In most instances, it’s used as an integral component of the Divi theme, but it’s also a standalone plugin that you can work with on other themes.


  • Provides up to 46 content modules, making it one of the largest collections of website elements available today.
  • Beautiful templates to help get the ball rolling are available.
  • You can lock items, disable and also duplicate them.
  • Divi Builder offers a unique collapse feature to help you consolidate your views and clean up your working area hence delivering a less cluttered design area.
  • There are undo and redo features, and this means that you can go back into revising a page you had left sometime back and started working on it without delay.
  • The membership fee starts at $89.
  • You can style your elements from a pop-up that can be pinned to the side.
  • You enjoy massive styling controls, thanks to the many numerous settings, custom spacing, and responsive controls among other features.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Plugin for WordPress

This visual page builder plugin was known sometime back as the Thrive Content Builder but was revamped to include many useful design features. Its interface is designed not only to be easy to use but also laden with a wide array of features. The interface is more similar to that of the Elementor. This page builder has become popular with marketers because it puts more emphasis on conversion rates.


  • Offers attention-grabbing texts and images.
  • The interface is just great, with some similarities to the Elementor.
  • The price starts at $67, making it fairly affordable for anyone in need of world-class page builder features and functionalities.
  • With Thrive Architect, you get 40+ different widgets, with some of them being extremely neat.
  • Hundreds of templates are available.
  • This page builder provides all the styling tools in a single column. These styling options are responsive and fairly detailed.
  • Another cool feature is the Page Events set up options that allow a display of lightbox-popup based on some triggers.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress

A good builder should be one that provides a better output as well as updates. Beaver Builder offers   innumerate add-ons that guarantee you better flexibility. This interesting page builder produces attractive pages and is available in free and pro versions.


  • The price commences at $99 for limited websites.
  • Beaver Builder offers a unique-interface for its frontend-visual-builder, so you can mostly work from the sidebar that’s on the right side. 
  • In terms of widgets and templates, the free version allows you unhindered access to 6 modules, while the premium gives you 30 modules. These can be disabled or enabled if need be.
  • In terms of styling options, you can opt to use the pop-up window which is default or pin the window to make a sidebar.
  • 56-page templates are available to premium subscribers.
  • The available lock-in feature leaves a 100 percent clean code with superior HTML formatting.

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is bundled with almost all themes at Theme Forest and this has contributed to its massive popularity. Initially known as Visual composer, this page builder is used in many websites. The 40+ grid-design templates that you get helps you get started quickly.


  • Interface – WPBakery builder provides both back end and front-end visual editing, so you can use any if you want.
  • Templates – 86 templates are available for your use.
  • Styling options – The styling options available provides you with good control over rows.
  • Add-ons – Offers more than 250 add-ons which makes it better than other available options.
  • Shortcodes – Just like other advanced builders, this amazing selection leaves behind shortcodes in your content in case you deactivate it.
  • Pricing – The cost starts at $64.

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder Plugin

WP Page Builder gets a slot in this list of the 10 best page builder plugins thanks to its simple and sleek design. The toolbar is made up of rows and columns and this helps make it easier to understand. There are add-ons that helps you execute specific tasks with amazing levels of perfection.


  • With more focus on front end editing, this builder helps the builder come up with a wonderful visual output.
  • Offers a simple to use drag and drop function.
  • Enables you to hide an existing element then clean it up later.
  • All the available add-ons are free.
  • The predesigned layout blocks and packs help you work faster.
  • The custom CSS options help you put your coding skills into use.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Themify has bundled this page builder with most of their themes to provide their customers an easy customization experience. Most of the excellent features are available with the pro version that is priced starting at $39 or $59 depending on the add-ons, a free version is also available with amazingly useful features.


  • A free version is available, with top page building features that you pay to use with other WordPress page builders.
  • The paid version is priced affordably, so you can opt for a small upgrade to access dozens of pro add-ons.
  • The Themify Builder avails over 60 pre-designed layouts and up to 60 attractive animation effects.
  • Allows you to use both custom CSS or you can get back to traditional design techniques

MotoPress Content Builder

MotoPress Content Editor

This content editor helps simplify the creation, editing and customizing your website pages. This plugin is a premium quality, but if you are not sure about going premium, you can play with the demo. With MotoPress Content Builder, you will be amazed with how much resources you will have at your disposal without paying an exorbitant price.


  • MotoPress offers several page elements such as spacing, tables, buttons and many more which you can use in creating your custom layouts.
  • Allows for custom post types, in addition to the generic everyday posts.
  • Offers WPML compatibility while an extension is available via shortcodes.
  • The myriad of tools available helps you create visually attractive posts quickly.


This is one of the best landing page builders for WordPress. The content it creates are responsive, so it will look awesome in all devices. With it, you can come up with an amazingly beautiful landing or sales page. With it, you can shorten the time you take to create a page.


  • Provides you with 340+ templates to create your pages quickly.
  • Ease of use and superior user experience.
  • Can be integrated with other services.
  • Amazing functions for those who want to build membership sites.
  • 30 free templates to help you get started right away.
  • It’s priced starting from $97.


WPOnepager Plugin

Finally, this easy and powerful WordPress landing page closes our list of the 10 best page builders. It’s the easiest plugin of the many that have been created before. The features below help make this page builder plugin a top choice for those looking for a powerful and user-friendly option.


  • It offers the best drag and drop functionality.
  • It creates pages that are SEO friendly and which ranks better on Google.
  • It is responsive and incredibly mobile-friendly.
  • Coding skills are not necessary to use this WordPress page builder.

Final Thoughts

The above list of best page builder plugins offers you a quick glimpse of the amazing options that are available to you. Our selections cover builder plugins that you need to do almost anything below the sun and present an attractive, eye-catching design.

You will also find selections with high-end features that help you create highly interactive pages at no cost, but you may be required to go premium to access additional functionalities.

Let us know through comments which page builder plugin for WordPress you are using.

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