11 Best Slider Plugins For WordPress

Adding a beautiful slider to your WordPress site can bring about a massive difference in terms of fun, engagement, and responsiveness. However, with the many slider plugins out there, making a perfect choice can be a difficult task. 

It’s vital to know that a good slider plugin should meet some criteria that include speed, ease of use, and responsiveness. In this article, we have presented to you handpicked 11 best slider plugins for WordPress. Go ahead and find out which slider plugins make to this list.

Slider Revolution 

Slider Revolution is a top seller in the CodeCanyon-marketplace and offers powerful features such as a visual editor that allows you to create and personalize sliders in WordPress.


  • Revolution is amazingly responsive and this makes your sliders look gorgeous in all devices and computers.
  • It allows for multi-media support hence you can use social media feed, videos, images, custom posts, and WordPress posts among others.
  • The interface is not very user friendly so first-time users will find it a little tedious.


In terms of responsiveness and time savings, Soliloquy is the best. It is also known to be fast and easy to use. It is among the few slider plugins that meet the three key features of slider plugins. It is created using the best technology and top-grade coding by a team of WordPress experts.


  • It is famous for its lightweight nature.
  • Highly responsive and easy to use.
  • Offers excellent features for building attractive sliders.
  • It comes with an interface that’s not only simple but easy to use.
  • Since Soliloquy integrates well with the WordPress interface, it allows you to use images sourced from your media library.
  • Adding images, configuring your slider settings, and publishing them is easy!

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is undoubtedly among the most robust slider plugins developed. It offers a free and paid-for version, with the free version providing SEO optimized and responsive sliders compatible with any WordPress theme. The highly useful features are the reason why Smart Slider 3 makes this list of the best slider plugins for WordPress.


  • A dynamic post slider for highlighting featured posts is available with the free version. The pro version of this plugin enables you to edit slides just in the same manner with page builders.
  • The drag and drop features are quite easy to use.
  • It has six layers for building a personalized WordPress slider.


MetaSlider is another top selection of WordPress slider plugin that makes it into our list of best Slider Plugins available online. With it, you can create your slideshows in no time. Among the tons of features that it offers are thumbnail navigation, video support, animated layer slides, and post feed slides among others.

All major WordPress themes and slider plugins are compatible with MetaSlider. You can try the free version to determine its usability before you go for the paid Pro version.

WordPress Carousel Pro is a user-friendly tool that creates attractive and eye-catching carousels with posts, WooCommerce products, and images, among others.

With this plugin, you can select images straight from WordPress-media library then drag and drop them at the desired place. It is sturdy and easy to use.


  • It works smoothly on iPhone, Android, iPad, chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.
  • It is highly customizable and touch-friendly.
  • One of the fully responsive options available online today.
  • It is lightweight and super-fast.
  • The interface and admin panel is user friendly.
  • It is multisite supported.
  • Supports drag and drop functionality.
  • Widget supported
  • There are custom settings for every carousel
  • It is multi-lingual ready
  • There are unlimited styling and color options.

Slide Anything

Are you interested in a free, but responsive plugin for WordPress? With Slide Anything, you can create responsive and touch-enabled carousels and sliders. You can create these slides from anything-text, HTML, images, and shortcodes, among others.

With the free version, you can enjoy a limited selection of functional features. Still, if you want to benefit from additional genius features which this best slider offers, you can go pro.


  • It supports drag & drop reordering and supports other features that include lazy image loading, infinite-carousel looping, and its capable of adding hover over-link to carousel slides.
  • You can add carousels and sliders to content by inserting a shortcode or through an editor toolbar button.
  • Among the pro-features include hero sliders that display to full of the device’s height and width, thumbnail paginations, and modal popups, among others.
  • This slide plugin affords developers more flexibility to come up with carousels that have got a more complex layout.

Royal Slider

This is perhaps the best gallery and HTML slider you can find online today. It is relatively new and is designed to make creating sliders from your posts hassle-free.


  • You can use it to create sliders from the posts on your website, Flickr, or come up with custom options.
  • Provides for fast and super easy administration of HTML in slides, videos, thumbs, updates, and many more.
  • It is designed for ease of use.

Kreatura Slider 

Kreatura Slider is among the few options that have been trusted by WordPress website owners from around the world. It is not free and you will pay $25 for the regular license and $125 for the extended license. This slider plugin is intended to be used by one client and the end-user cannot be charged.


  • 6 months of Kreatura support.
  • Future updates.
  • Guaranteed quality that’s checked by Envato.

Slider by 10Web

When you want to add fast loading, SEO friendly, and responsive sliders, Slider by 10web gets the job done quickly and with minimal fuzz.

With the vast array of features that it offers, there is no way that this slider plugin could miss the list of the best 11 slider plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can enjoy the features that the basic version offers, or you can opt for the high-end features by going pro.


  • Slider by 10web supports many video and image slides and swipe controls hence you can preview your slides before you save them.
  • With this plugin, you can add sliders to your website, blog, or content by using a short code, by inserting a PHP code into the theme templates or by using a widget.
  • With the premium version, you benefit from several layers and transition effects and the ability to create multi-functional sliders with image, video, text, and custom styling among other features.
  • It offers a user manual with video tutorials which teaches you how to set up the sliders. Other included resources are support forums and user manual.

Master Slider

Are you one of those who want a slider plugin that supports touch-navigation with a pure swipe gesture? Master Slider gives your site that beautiful WordPress touch that you have badly wanted. This slider is not only fully responsive but also adapts to all sizes of screens and devices.


  • Master Slider is capable of turning HTML content such as images and texts into layers.
  • Supports WordPress posts, videos, images, WooCommerce products, Flickr galleries, and Facebook albums among others.
  • There are 90+ built-in sliders that you can use on your WordPress site.
  • With the integrated visual composer, building sliders can’t get any simpler.

Ultimate Blocks (Image Slider Block)

This is a Gutenberg blocks plugin created for bloggers and marketers. The reason for its existence is to help you create high quality and engaging content. Ultimate Blocks (Image Slider Block) consists of several blocks which include the following:

  • Content Filter
  • HowTo Schema
  • Review-This is Schema Markup Enabled
  • Table-of-contents
  • Tabbed Content 
  • Content Toggle (Accordion) 
  • Styled Box 
  • Call to Action 
  • Styled List 
  • Testimonial 
  • Click to Tweet 
  • Countdown 
  • Expand 
  • Progress Bar 
  • Social Share 
  • Image Slider 
  • Post Grid 
  • Divider 
  • Star Rating 
  • Button (Improved) 

Our Verdict

Looking for the best slider plugins can sap the energy out of you given the long list of the available choices.  Whether you are running a small WordPress site and in a budget ceiling or interested in high end features to build a highly responsive site, you can’t miss an incredible slider plugin from the 11 best slider plugins that we have presented above.

In case you want great features and functionalities for free, Smart Slider 3 will give you more features and a simpler interface to work with.

However, if you want a more straightforward premium choice that still guarantees you access to many dynamic resources, then you may want to try Soliloquy. But if you are a real pro, and want actual tons of features to configure every small aspect of your slider, then Slider Revolution is what you need.

Let us know through comments which is your favorite slider plugin for WordPress.

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