9 Best Table Plugins for WordPress

Using tables in your WordPress post is a great way to present a vast amount of data. With table plugin’s help, you can create comparison tables to compare products, pricing tables to display information about prices, or product listing tables to show products stunningly.

In WordPress, you will find plenty of free table plugins. However, it’s not easy to select the right one plugin, which meets all your requirements. To save your time, we will share the best table plugins for WordPress to create a stunning, user-friendly, and responsive table.

The following table plugins can help you to create a table easily without writing any line of code.

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder Plugin

WP Table Builder is a drag and drop plugin that helps you to create a dynamic and responsive table within a few minutes without any coding skills. You can make responsive tables for all devices like desktop, mobile devices, and tablets.

With the help of WP Table Builder, you can insert a table anywhere in your post using a shortcode. WP Table Builder is perfect for bloggers, niche site owners, startups, affiliate marketers, and small businesses.

It’s a straightforward solution to create a free stunning and eye-catching table. In WP Table Builder, you can add different types of elements like texts, buttons, lists, and star ratings. You can easily manage cells with the option to add a new column, add a new row, split cells, and merge cells.

WP Table Builder is easy to use. You can show the table in your post by inserting a shortcode. It’s a drag and drop based table plugin, which offers you to drag and drop elements into any cell to show data such as buttons, images, texts, lists, and star ratings. WP Table Builder plugin is the best choice for WordPress users to create data tables.

Ninja Tables

NInja Tables WordPress plugin

Ninja Tables plugin is the solution to all the problems you face while creating a table. Ninja tables are fully responsive and easy to build dynamic tables. It has advanced features that help to create a stunning and user-friendly table. It has several table designs, custom CSS, custom schema built, and predefined schema.

With the help of Ninja Tables, you can quickly rearrange rows and columns. You can use Bootstrap 4 and Symmetric UI as a default styling library. It has a user-friendly layout, enticing front-end, and easy to use settings.

Ninja Table also provides the facility to add multimedia content into table cells like images or other multimedia content. Ninja Tables provide unlimited table customization and colors. You can easily export your CSV files into the table.

Ninja tables offer the facility of filtering, pagination, and sorting to help control a massive amount of data quickly. You can anywhere insert a table into your post using the shortcode. The configuration of the Ninja Tables is straightforward. You can use drag and drop options to add or remove elements. You can easily duplicate the existing table and filter table data. You can use 13 predefined color schemes to the table. You can create dynamic and responsive tables like WooCommerce Product List, Amazon Product List table, Review table, and product listing table.


TablePress WordPress Plugin

TablePress is the most popular WordPress table plugin that is open source and free to use. Table press allows you to create responsive and beautiful tables within a few minutes. You can create and manage tables without any coding skills. TablePress is easy to use and customize. You can use shortcodes to embed the table into your pages, posts, and text widgets.

You can easily import and export data from CSV, HTML, Excel, and JSON files. It has additional features like math formulas, searching, pagination, and sorting. With the help of TablePress, you can create an HTML table that supports Data cells. You can easily customize and edit table columns and rows.

TablePress has predefined elements that are useful to create beautiful and stunning data tables. You can easily add multimedia content like images. TablePress has 800,000 active installations. Therefore, TablePress is the most popular table plugin on WordPress.


wpDataTables Plugin

wpDataTables is the most popular and notable WordPress table plugin. wpDataTables is rich with the perfect tables, charts, and graphs. With the help of wpDataTables, you can quickly create tables and table charts from PHP, CSV, Excel, and other sources. You can easily import and export JSON, Excel, CSV, and XML files.

You can use custom coding and conditional formatting in CSS. You can easily highlight table columns, rows, cells whenever you want. In wpDataTables, you can easily create and customize charts and graphs within a few minutes.

wpDataTables has custom options to reorder date, rename headings, change colors, and add CSS to style your tables. It has advanced features like conditional formatting, multi-criteria filtering, and responsive designs. The configuration of wpDataTables is unlimited and straightforward customization.


Visualizer WordPress plugin

Visualizer is easy to use that allows you to create attractive charts and tables. Visualizer mainly uses to create different types of charts. Visualizer is a powerful plugin to manage, create, and embed responsive, interactive charts and tables into your WordPress pages and posts.

The plugin uses chart js, DataTables.net, and Google Visualization API to add animated & responsive tables, graphs, and charts. Visualizer is the most popular and one of the best WordPress plugin. You can also use searching, sorting, and pagination capabilities to customize your table.

Visualizer is a customizable and flexible plugin that is easy to edit. You can import data in the table directly on your posts from your database or Excel. Visualizer support cross-browser compatibility and portable for all kind of devices. You can live customize and edit charts within your posts with live preview.

WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager WordPress Plugin

WP Table Manager comes with pre-built style themes that help you to create a responsive and attractive table into your WordPress website. It has advanced tools like custom CSS, table copying, HTML cell editing, Excel import/export, and more. With the help of WP Table Manager, you can quickly create a dynamic and responsive table within a few minutes.

WP Table Manager provides the facility of an editor like Excel. The pre-built themes style is easy to customize and edit. You can import data from multiple sources like Google Sheets, WordPress database, and Excel. You can also integrate chart.js file to create beautiful and stunning charts.

It has the option to auto-sync a table to Google Sheets or Excel. It has provided the facility of basic formulas like COUNT, SUM, etc. WP Table Manager offers the facility of a spreadsheet interface to manage tables. The spreadsheet interface makes it easier to modify and create tables and insert them into posts and pages.

League Table

League Table is a responsive WordPress plugin with a handy and straightforward interface that allows you to create responsive and sortable tables inside your pages and posts. League Table provides the facility of online spreadsheet editors like Google Sheets, LibreOffice, online office, MS Excel, etc. League Table is simple to use and more comfortable with customizing.

In League Table, you can easily customize table header font size, container width, container height, table width, table width value, etc. You can import and export JSON, HTML, CSV, and Google Sheet files quickly. With the help of this plugin, you can create ultra-responsive and sortable tables. You can easily change typography, color, and the size of various elements and also add images and other multimedia files.

League Table offers 135 customizable options to customize elements easily. It has the facility of mathematical formulas, and also you insert HTML and javascript into the table cells. With the help of cell properties, you can easily change the style of table cells and even merge them. You can use this plugin for sports statistics, sports results, price listing, product list, product comparison, and weather data.

Data Table Generator

Data Table generator Plugin

Data table Generator is a responsive WordPress table plugin that allows you to create and manage SEO-friendly data tables easily and quickly. It’s a free and simple plugin that will enable you to quickly create an attractive and responsive table. You can easily customize the table’s layout for different devices with the help of responsive modes feature.

Data Table generator supports mathematical formulas and HTML tables at the same time. You can sort table columns and display data in exact order. You can easily import and export data from Google Sheets, CSV, and Excel. It also offers the facility of search, pagination, filtering, etc.
You can easily customize the table design and make it more beautiful and attractive to customers. You can easily insert a table into your pages and posts with a responsive interface. Data Table generator provides the facility to upload multimedia content like images, links, and video support. You can create a large data table with unlimited table size. Data Table Generator supports all kinds of data tables like the WooCommerce product list, Amazon Product list, product pricing, etc.

Post Table Pro

Post Table Pro helps you create filterable and sortable responsive tables that make it easier to filter data by date, category, and tags. You can create highly customizable tables from pages, posts, or any other kind of custom post. Now you can create tables in your WordPress website without entering any manual data. Post Table Pro is a fully sortable and searchable table with the facility of optional filter dropdowns.

You can create filterable, sortable, and searchable tables within a few minutes. You can also add multimedia like images, audio, video, etc. The interface of Post Table Pro tables is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. With the help of shortcodes, you can manipulate, sort, and filter tables in several ways.

Post Table Pro supports a wide range of data, including custom post, cust taxonomies, post title, category, publish, featured image, and content. Post Table Pro is flexible and easy to customize. You can also easily add custom rows and columns into your data table with the help of a shortcode.

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