9 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

Keeping your website secure is never an easy task. Installing the latest plugins and updating your WordPress doesn’t offer a guarantee that you will not lose your data.

To safeguard yourself against unexpected data loss, you will need to make copies. This is why you should know about the best WordPress backup plugins that are available today.

Your choice will revolve around a backup plugin that offers incremental backup, ease of use, quick restoration, automation, and availability of support. 

Here are 9 best WordPress backup plugins that can help you back up your files and databases and restore them if you get hacked, when there is a crash or when you want to migrate your site to another host or domain.


BlogVault comes first in our list of Best WordPress Backup Plugins that you can get online today, thanks to its incredible array of features and amazingly positive reviews by the users.

This plugin has been proven to offer a 100% restoration rate. It is not just a WordPress plugin though, but Software as a Service Solution (SaaS). It is capable of creating offsite backups without adding load to your server.


  • Creates offline backups without adding unnecessary load to your server, therefore, ensuring the optimal performance of your website.
  • You can ask for a complete backup by clicking a button and exit to continue with other tasks.
  • Custom backups for those running WooCommerce websites are available.
  • Your data is encrypted and stored on Amazon S3, therefore taking away your storage worries.
  • Allows you to create on-demand backups manually in addition to the automated backups.
  • Makes it incredibly easy to recover your website in case of a crash, or when hacked.
  • It offers a built-in website feature that helps you test your site effortlessly.
  • You will get an email notification when the backup is complete This is a cool feature that puts it ahead of other WordPress Backup Plugins.
  • It is priced at $89 annually for 1 Site License (Personal Plan).


This feature-packed backup plugin for WordPress is incredibly easy to set up and has been the go-to option for more than half a million website owners in the last 10 years. It’s available for free and those who want better features and support can opt for the paid version.


  • Allows for seamless site migration and effortless website restoration.
  • It supports several third-party storage options.
  • You can enjoy real-time backups if using BackupBuddy Stash service.
  • No monthly fee because it isn’t a subscription service. However, you can only use the WordPress backup plugin on the number of sites that are indicated on the service.
  • You get access to 1GB of storage space from BackupBuddy for storing your files and databases.
  • Allows you unhindered access to premium-support forums as well as regular updates.
  • Lets you manage 10 WordPress powered websites from a single user-friendly dashboard.
  • The price is $80 for a single website plan, making it a cost-effective option.


UpdraftPlus is a massively popular backup plugin for WordPress and its currently being used by more than 2 million websites. With this amazing plugin, you can create a copy of your website and download it to your computer or store in the cloud.


  • It creates a full backup of your WordPress powered website.
  • Supports on-demand and scheduled backups.
  • Automatically uploads your backed-up pages to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, email, SFTP, and FTP among other cloud-based storage options.
  • Allows for the cloning and testing of WordPress websites.
  • Other than helping to back up your files and databases, UpdraftPlus restores backups straight from your WordPress admin panel.
  • The paid-for premium version offers a number of add-ons which makes it easy to clone websites, search pages, replace pages, and multisite support among other tasks.
  • UpdraftPlus Premium is available for $70, the basic version is free.

Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro has more than a million installations that make duplicating and backing up sites seamless and effortless. This backup plugin for WordPress also creates clones that are ready for migration. The astounding features below puts Duplicator Pro on the list of WordPress Backup Plugins that are available online today.


  • With Duplicator Pro, you enjoy scheduled backups, web access, restoration, compressed backup files, and backup log.
  • Offers continuous incremental backup and automated database creation.
  • Moreover, you enjoy cloud storage options. The available installation wizard and superior customer support make Duplicator Pro a top choice for WordPress website owners.
  • When automated backup and restoration is completed, you get an email notification.
  • You can move your WordPress site between domains or hosts without experiencing downtime.
  • Duplicator pro makes it easy to copy a live site to a staging area and vice versa. You can carry out full migration without having to export or import SQL scripts.


VaultPress is a part of the larger Jetpack Backup that helps keep your website secure, improve speed and visibility. It offers excellent website backup and restoration functionalities that make restoring your site a breeze.

With the stellar reputation of Automattic, this backup solution for WordPress sites continues to be the preferred choice for thousands of website owners who want reliability.


  • Backs up and restores your WordPress site by a single click. 
  • Allows website owners to download an entire backed up site or just a few pages or files.
  • With VaultPress you can back up your website every day with a 30-day archive for lower plans.
  • But with higher subscriptions, you enjoy extended storage periods.
    The dashboard is designed to make it easy for the users.
  • The personal plan is priced at $39 annually, offering great value for money.


BackWPUp gets a slot in best WordPress Backup Plugins thanks to its admirable reputation, dependability, and ease of use. It is also free and best for use in environments with shared hosting resources. The 600,000 websites that use it are a clear testament of the superior features that this backup plugin offer.


  • It’s a free WordPress backup plugin that you can use to back up your pages and store on the email, FTP, cloud, and other third-party cloud storage.
  • It’s easy to use, and you can schedule automated backups depending on your preferred update frequency.
  • It makes it easy and straightforward, restoring a WordPress website from your backup storage.
  • Offers a dedicated app for emergency restoration and personalized support.
  • It is free, but a premium version with more features is available.

Snapshot Pro

Snapshot WordPress plugin is developed by WPMU DEV and helps your backup files, tables, databases, and many more. The backing up process is automated, taking away the pain that is associated with creating backups of your files and databases manually.


  • Offers a local backup which is used when you want to undo changes without losing your vital data.
  • You can schedule automated backups and save them to SFTP, Amazon S3, and Dropbox among other storage options.
  • Backup and restoration are by a single click.
  • Offers multisite support
  • Includes 10GB of cloud storage by WPMU DEV.
  • Backed up copies can be downloaded via SFTP or FTP.

WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup comes almost at the bottom of our best backup plugins for WordPress, but it is rightfully here. Reviews show that there are many instances where website owners are interested only in a database backup functionality, so this is why WP Database Backup gets a mention here. You can store your backed-up database in third party cloud storage such as S3 and email.


  • Backing up your database can be completed with a single click.
  • Offers automated database backups on repeatable schedule.
  • Support for email, Google drive and Amazon S3 are available.


We couldn’t finish off this list without including a backup and restoration plugin for opensource enthusiasts. With XCloner, you can get your files and databases backed up and restored with a single click. This solution works for both WordPress and Joomla and helps minimize redundancy.

Final Thoughts

The above Best WordPress Backup Plugins is just a small selection of the many WordPress backup plugins that are available online. Each of them offers different features and functionalities that are suited for different people.

Undeniably, some want their files and databases backed up every day, while others prefer a weekly schedule. No matter what you want, you can get a feature-packed and easy to use a plugin from the list we have presented above.

Moreover, if you run a small site and looking for a backup solution with zero monthly fees, a solution such as UpdraftPlus suffices. With its powerful and efficient features such as tons of cloud-based storage, encrypted transport, and hordes of other automated features, you will find it useful.

Lastly, for open source enthusiasts, XCloner can do the trick for you, especially if you are interested in a functional backup for your database.

Let us know through comments which is your favorite backup plugin for WordPress

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