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Experienced webmasters comprehend the need for leveraging certain areas of your website that are considered to be highly visible. These spaces need to be used in order to offer a maximum effect if your visitors or you are going to get the most out of what you offer. One of the areas that offer amazing visibility is the top right side of your website. For those who aren’t familiar to them, a notification bar is the most effective way to display a short, but highly important messages through brightly colored texts or strips that anchor to the top side of the screen.

These notification bars are the best alternatives to popups and their positioning on the top corner of the screen ensures improved visibility, while also making it less intrusive for the visitors. This is why notification bars have become very popular with webmasters.

The versatility of WordPress notification bars is another reason that has contributed to its popularity. These plugins perform diverse functions such as recruiting new subscribers, linking to related content, and recruiting new email subscribers, among others. By using a notification bar, you can improve your visitor’s engagement and also boost your sales.

What is a Notification Bar Plugin?

A notification bar plugin is a tool that allows you to display short, captivating, and interesting and brightly colored notification messages on certain areas of your website. These messages are normally displayed on the top, and also on the lower section of the screen. These sections are normally considered to be highly visible.

Notification bar plugins are the most ideal alternatives to popups, and their positioning on the top side of the screen allows for maximum visibility without causing disruption on the side of the visitors. It also makes the experience of the visitor less intrusive. These plugins can be installed on your website and used without the knowledge of coding.

You really don’t need to learn a single line of code.  In ordinary circumstances, inserting messages on your site’s notification bars is tedious and would take you many days or even weeks. You also have to be a coding pro to add these bars in the right place. With notification bar plugins, you can display attractive messages, at the most visible points of your website without breaking a sweat.

These notification bars are amazingly versatile and can help you boost your user engagements and conversions. You can use the notification messages to notify your visitors about an impending sale, coupons, and more. With the best WordPress notification plugin, you will make your clients take the actions that you desire and this makes it of huge importance to know of the best selections of plugins that are available for your use today and the features that they offer.

What to look for in a WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

With the many WordPress notification bar plugins that are in the market today, it’s of paramount importance that you choose one that’s up to the task. Know that they are not all made equal. Here are the important factors that you should consider when looking for a Notification Bar Plugin for your WordPress site.

The best notification plugin for WordPress should have a targeting feature that makes it possible for you to personalize your messages for various sections of your website. It’s also imperative that it allows you to use information collected by cookies to improve on the overall level of user experience which your website users enjoy.

Dynamic elements

Consider an alert notification plugin that permits you to add highly dynamic elements that include multiple calls to action buttons, countdown timers, and animation effects. These things make the notification not only visible but also more attractive, therefore pushing your visitors to take a certain specific action that you would like them to.

Newsletter integrations

If your goal is to grow your email newsletter and have many subscriptions, it’s of essence that you get a sticky bar that is capable of integrating with all or most of the popular email marketing services that are in use in the market today.

Support options

Without proper support, even the best notification bar plugin will definitely cause some frustrations along the way. You really have to ensure that support is available since it helps save you of money and unnecessary frustrations in the long run.

Best WordPress notification Bar Plugins 2020


This WordPress notification plugin is for people who are serious about taking their business to a notch higher. It’s quite a powerful optimization tool that you can use to grow your revenue, generate leads, grows your email list, and more by displaying personalized and unique messages based on the user’s behavior to maximize user engagement, boost conversions, and also sales. And you can achieve all this without learning a single line of code. This plugin is the first choice for over 600,000 website users and it can be almost impossible to go wrong when you have this tool as your main or primary notification plugin.

Popular OptinMonster Features

  • 65+ high-converting templates for welcome mats, floating announcements, Exit intent, and more.
  • Display unique messages with powerful targeting features that include time on site, 2-Step Optin technology, InactivtySensor™, and Signature MonsterLink™.
  • You can create endless A/B split-tests to determine which of your campaigns performs incredibly well. This helps to do away with guesswork and ensure that you make decisions based on available data.
  • Detailed conversion analytics shows you the pages that do well in your campaigns.

Price: OptinMonster offers four different pricing plans:

  • The basic plan costs $9 per month.
  • Plus, plan that costs $19 per month
  • Pro plan that will cost you $29 per month
  • Growth Plan is priced at $49/month

This plugin doesn’t offer users a free or trial version. And because the majority of the high-end features are available at a high price, most enterprises will have to feel the pinch. With other WordPress notification bar plugins that are available offering similar features at a lower price, you should try your best to check out other options.

Announcement Bar

The Announcement Bar by Themify is an affordable notification bar from WordPress that helps you show a bar at the bottom or top of your pages.  This plugin enables you to manage the announcements that you post on your website efficiently and with minimal fuss.

The developers of this plugin created a customizable post-type for announcements, so the process that you follow to add your announcement is just similar to when you are adding a new blog page or post. Just below the editor, there is a custom panel that allows you to personalize your notification bar. You can define the start and end dates, text, and link.

With this plugin, you can assign your announcements to specific categories and use the available WordPress editor to insert images, share quotes, and format texts, among others. This plugin also offers support for Google maps, and if you desire, you can integrate shortcodes and videos from other plugins for WordPress that you have installed on your website. You can set the position of the bar, so you can make it absolute or fixed depending on what works for you.

Other features that this plugin offer include:

  • The plugin is quite easy to use, offers an amazing look, and is capable of creating endless notification bars.
  • It is retina ready, so no matter your device or platform, you should be able to access the content of the website.
  • It gives a wider array of presentation options and design presets, so you can have complete control over how your announcements will look.
  • You can align your texts at the center, on the right or left, depending on what suits you the best.
  • Choose the position of your announcement at the top or bottom page of your website, with absolute, and also firm function-choices.
  • There are 5 font styles to choose from-Script, Slab Serif, Old Style, Serif, and Default.
  • Available types and colors include a bookmark, notes, paper clip, notes, paper, gray, white, orange, black, pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow.
  • Offers diverse scrolling options such as fade, slide, continuous, and more.
  • Close button features such as regular shut, toggle-able, and none are provided. Some an additional preference also stays based on the consumer’s browser activity.
  • Custom styling options that are available include Google Fonts, background, and color.
  • Allows you to display your announcements anywhere.

Price: Announcement Bar is priced starting from $19.

Easy Notification Bar

This is another WordPress notification bar that every user will love. It’s among the few plugins that have placed all the necessary settings right in the WordPress theme customizer. As a result, any changes that you make can be viewed in real-time. After you install Easy Notification Bar, you go straight to the live customizer in order to configure your notification bar.

This plugin makes it easy to align your texts, add a tagline, and select your font sizes among others.  Also, this plugin allows you to customize the text color of the background and add links, among others. The developers of this plugin update it regularly and boast of 2,000 active installations. However, you should have WordPress version 5.2.0 or higher so as to use it.

Incredible features that this theme is known for include:

  • Setting it up through WordPress customizer is incredibly easier.
  • Custom color, background, font size settings, and text alignments among others.
  • There is an optional callout-button.
  • Offers an incredibly responsive design that looks amazingly good on mobile.
  • This plugin has a minimal code, so no cookies or JavaScript required.


When your goal is to create an unlimited number of WordPress notifications, you can rely on HashBar, another plugin that is easy to use and incredibly effective. The plugin has page-based options for personalization and targeting, where the background color, text color, and CTA button color, and more can be changed.

With this plugin, you will not find it hard to create simple website notification bars, with a few triggering options. But if you need some more advanced features such as page-base and scheduling triggers, you will have to pay for the pro version of this plugin. At the moment, 8000+ WordPress websites use this plugin.

Here are the tasks that HashBar allows you to do:

  • This plugin helps you display your texts, email subscriptions, advertisements, and deals effectively.
  • Works with popular page builders such as King Composer, WordPress Bakery-Page Builder, and Elementor Page Builder.
  • Allows you to set how many items you would like to be displayed.
  • Allow you to have endless background colors and images to make your notifications more professional and formal.
  • The HashBar pro works pretty well with a transparent header.
  • The pro version allows you to set when your notifications will vanish.

Pricing: HashBar offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Personal plan, which costs $29 for use on 1 website.
  • Developer plan- which costs $89 for use in 5 websites.
  • Agency plan- costs $149 for use on unlimited websites.

Also, there is a lifetime deal run by HT plugins, and this allows you to get the Agency plan for just $349.

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars have both a paid and a free version. WP Notification Bars have a core version that you need to display your messages effectively, but the pro version takes things to a new higher level. Support is offered through the plugin’s forum. The free version is available at This extremely friendly solution allows you to personalize the colors and texts that are displayed to your website visitors. You can choose whether to place the bar in a fixed or absolute position.

You can also determine the best width of your content depending on the circumstances at hand. Your notification message is added right in the content tab, and this plugin uses the custom post type and there is no editor. However, you are allowed to copy and paste whatever you need straight into the custom box, including shortcodes and custom HTML from many other WordPress plugins.

Other tasks that this incredible plugin can allow you do include such things as:

  • Allows you to set the background color, link, and text color. You can also define your Google font size with the available choices.
  • WP Notification Bars enable you to define who actually is able to see the bar in your web pages or blogs, and you have the capability of determining whether or not it can be displayed on your pages, posts, or home page. These settings are applicable to visitors from Facebook and Google.
  • With the pro version, you can do A/B testing, so you can know which of your campaign strategies are working.
  • You can have access to newsletter forms, search forms, and 18+ social media forms. Others are videos, analytics, and countdown timers.
  • It allows you to restrict a bar to certain kinds of visitors, for instance, mobile visitors.

Price: WP Notification Bars retails for $19 for one website and $29 for 3 websites.  To use it for unlimited license, you’ll have to pay $49.

WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar is popular and easy to use notification-bar for WordPress. This plugin makes it quite easy to publish attractive messages and notifications on your website. With this plugin, you are able to broadcast your announcements to your website visitors. The users are free to choose where to place the notification messages on the notification bar, post, or any other page on the website.

This plugin fully supports JavaScript and shortcodes and allows you to customize the feel and appearance of your messages. With 50,000+ active installations, this WordPress plugin is among the notification bars that are getting amazingly popular with WordPress users.

Here are the things that WPFont Notification Bar can allow you to do.

  •  This plugin allows you to display a notification message together with a button.
  • It allows a WordPress site owner to process shortcodes quickly and effortlessly.
  • A button executes JavaScript or opens a URL.
  • Allows you to position the notification bar on top or bottom of your home page or web pages.
  •  The plugin allows for display on scroll option
  •  With it, you can set a height that suits your requirements.
  •  The sticky bar makes it possible to be fixed at a certain location.
  • Set how long the bar remains before it disappears.
  • Allows for the customization of colors.
  •  Allows you to show a reopen button.
  •  WPFront Notification Bar allows you to determine which pages you will display your messages or notification.
  • Allows you to determine what user roles to display on the notification.

Price: Free

Top Bar

If you are looking for the simplest method to add a notification bar to your WordPress powered site, then you shouldn’t look beyond Top Bar. With just a few clicks, this amazing plugin allows you create a highly visible notification bar. And if you   want to ass a bottom or top bar, change the font sizes, and more, this WordPress plugin allows you to do more than most other competing options. Top Bar has 50,000+ active installs, and this is a clear testament about the popularity of this WordPress notifications plugin.

There are several other things that a WordPress website owner can do with Top Bar and here are a few of them.

  • Employ time-based triggers in order to delay the appearance of your custom notification messages.
  • Use the Top Bar to display your website’s notification bar to subscribers or visitors.
  • Exclude the announcement bars from showing on certain pages.
  • This notification plugin for WordPress allows you to close the notification bar on your home page or on other pages of your website.
  • Allows you to display your custom messages in 4+ languages.
  • The pro version allows you to position your notification bars on the bottom side of your web pages.

 Are there some downsides?

Well, there are a few downsides to this plugin. For instance, it doesn’t have trigger settings, so the notifications will display until when you disable manually. Also, the Top Bar’s customizable ability is limited.


  • Free Version: This is available for use by anyone. For as long as you want, you can use the features provided by this plugin with no restrictions.
  • Pro Version: This plan is priced at $16 for one site and $39 for use on multiple websites.

Which is the Best Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress?

From my list above I recommend OptinMonster as a top choice for anyone who is interested in a feature-rich plugin that can help you generate more leads, register more email subscribers, and grow your revenue. Thankfully, you’ll find the features that are provided by this plugin to be amazing. Take for instance the 65+ high converting templates that allow you to create awesome floating announcements and welcome mats among others.

The Announcement Bar by Themify is another affordable choice for WordPress site owners who want to create a crisp clear, yet customizable announcement bar for on their home page, or on any other website page. This plugin provides hordes of features that make it possible for you to come up with attractive and highly visible notifications on your website pages.

Top Bar is an incredible option for those yearning for a simple, yet powerful notification bar. This plugin ensures that you can create visible notification messages hassle-free. It also offers a number of settings that help you do more than just creating the best notification messages for WordPress. What’s best with this plugin is that it’s completely free.

My final recommendation is HashBar. Other than providing you with personalization and targeting options, it also allows you to make changes to the color of your notification messages. The more than 8000 websites that have chosen this plugin as their WordPress notification plugin is proof about the effectiveness of this plugin.

Final Verdict

My above list of WordPress notification plugins gives you a glimpse of the options that you have today. However, it’s of vital importance that you get the best plugin for your notification bar because not all the available options are made equal. Consider the array of dynamic elements that these plugins offer, the available support, and integrations that are provided. 

While the free versions are great to start with, there are instances when you will need to go premium and benefit from the features that are offered. No matter your requirements, you should be able to use the wide array of features that are offered by the amazing WordPress notification bar plugins for 2020 that I have presented above.

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