Best WordPress Project Management Plugins (Free & Paid)

WordPress is a popular content management system and it’s estimated to be used by 30 percent of all websites. The amazing thing about this content management platform is that its functionality can be extended with the help of plugins.

Thanks to the availability of plugins, everything can now be managed right from your WordPress dashboard. You can add to your website the powerful features that are synonymous with popular project management websites such as Asana, Trello, and others that are available out there today.

In this article, we will be letting you know why project management is important and what it can accomplish. we will also let you know how to choose the best project management plugin, and also present the 8 best WordPress project management plugins (Free & Paid). we will also recommend a few great options from our list.

Why is Project Management important?

Why is project management important? Perhaps this is an interesting question that clients ask sometimes.  Well, on paper, project management may seem like unnecessary overhead and unnecessary evil that doesn’t deliver anything.

Some people also believe that it gets in the way of whatever they would like the team to do. The truth is that project management is the glue that holds the team together, without it, you’ll definitely be left to navigate the ups and downs, catastrophes, and clashes that come with projects.

Here are 9 clear reasons that depicts the importance of project management.

Clear focus & objectives

Without proper focus and objectives, a project will definitely lack focus, can have nebulous objectives and the team involved will never be sure about what they should be doing. Project management helps to prevent these situations and push for the timely project accomplishments, by breaking projects into small chores. This helps ensure that the team remains focused on the overall objective and works towards timely project completion. Also, a project may change midstream because of new or emerging issues, and without proper management and oversight, there is a likelihood that a project will falter quickly. Good project management will ensure that the team is focused, and keep their eyes on the final objective.

Strategic alignment

Every project has strategic goals in mind and their projects are there to advance those goals. With project management in place, it will be possible to ensure that projects are properly run to fit into the strategic vision of the owners and also fit into the wider context of the client’s goals. As the implementation of projects go on, some risks emerge and this may have to cause some change in the organization’s business strategy. In this scenario, project management will ensure that the project doesn’t veer off the course or fail to adapt itself in a manner that makes it unnecessary or costly.


Project management helps bring direction and leadership to projects. Without it, projects will behave like teams without leaders. With proper leadership, the teams will do their best to deliver. Project management offers excellent leadership, vision, motivation, and inspiration to the team to do their best and deliver great results. While serving the team, project managers also ensure that lines of accountability remain clear, and there is no control over who is in charge of what and where. The managers enforce processes and ensure that everyone in the team is kept inline because they will also be held responsible whether there will be a success or failure.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral component of every business management plan. It’s of paramount importance that project managers put in place the right strategies to ensure that any risk, whether real or imagined is mitigated. Qualified and able project managers should analyze risks, quantify them, and develop a plan that they can use to deal with them. By knowing which questions to ask members of the team and other stakeholders, project management teams will be able to uncover potential risks at the earliest instance. Naturally, it’s important to get risks ranked according to their likelihoods of occurrence and the appropriate risks allocated depending on the risk at hand. With proper risk planning, any deviation from the plan is handled appropriately.

Realistic Project Planning

Realistic project planning ensures that attainable goals are set and the teams encouraged to achieve those goals quickly and in an efficient manner. With the best project management, project delivery times, budget estimates, and other important milestones can be planned and the entire project will be delivered on time and within budgeted cost. A good project management plan ensures that resources are balanced, with required timelines and other factors to ensure that a realistic delivery schedule is achieved.

Quality Control

Project management ensures that the output delivered meets the right quality standards consistently. Projects are normally under mammoth pressure to be completed and without the right support by the managers, tasks get underestimated, processes rushed and schedule tightened. This may have adverse effects on the overall results that are to be achieved. Project management ensures that the project has the requisite resources and manpower to ensure it completed on schedule and without getting rushed. Excellent project management put in place gated phases that allow teams to access their output for quality, return on investment, and applicability.  PM allows for a phased and staggered process hence creating time for teams to look into and test their output along the way.

Continuous Oversight

Reporting the status of every project regularly may sound boring and things are moving on in the right way, it may sound like documentation is being done just for the sake of it. However, continuous oversight ensures that a project is being tracked continuously against the initial plan and any available deviation is dealt with quickly. This is important as it helps keep the project on track. Any deviation that’s detected earlier can be corrected easily and quickly. Moreover, experienced project management teams are able to generate digestible status reports for use in guiding the project’s implementation. Normally, these reports offer insights about the work that’s planned and what has been completed, risks, milestones, and assumptions among others.

Orderly Process

Unfortunately, many enterprises practice reactive planning that’s not based around the tenets of sound project management planning. However, reactivity, rather than proactivity may make projects move into survival mode, which is never a good thing because teams fracture and tasks duplicate. Also, inefficiency gets into the team, which is never good for timely completion and quality output. Project management matters the most because if an orderly and easy to understand process is not put in place, companies suffer the risk of performance failure and resource wastage.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Project management helps implementors learn from project success and failures in the past. Mistake break projects and if corrective measures are not put in place, there is a likelihood that it will recur. Project management teams use lessons learned and retrospect, together with posted reviews to know what worked, what didn’t work, and what needs to be done differently. If this is not done, teams will keep making mistakes and the overall success of a project will be compromised.

What Does Project Management Accomplish?

Keeping projects on track is never an easy task as it requires knowledge, experience, and the right sets of tools to aid in decision making. Any alteration in the original plan should be handled with caution because it could derail the successful completion of the project. It pains to see a project that you have to spend financial and human resources fail. At first, project planning and management may seem easy until when you give it a try. Sets off skills and talents are required to manage a project. The people who are tasked with managing skills and talent take more than just materials and labor to accomplish their goals. Each project is unique and follows a certain lifecycle.

Here are the things that project management intent to accomplish.

Project management defines your action plan

The key function of project management is to organize and plan for your project while also taming potential chaos. By following a path that has been mapped from start to end, the planned output will definitely be achieved.

Project management seeks to establish a plan & schedule

Without a properly laid down schedule, a project is most likely to be delayed. It may also lead to cost overruns, making it more expensive in the long run. A great schedule is vital to the successful running of any project.

Encourages teamwork

Project management helps to encourage, and enforce teamwork. Project planning and collaboration form the cornerstone of every project management and it’s the duty of the managers to ensure that the right people are tasked to work on the right projects and the teams collaborate to ensure that the best results are achieved.

Resource maximization

It’s true that financial and human capital is expensive and it’s of vital importance that they are utilized properly. For proper utilization to be achieved, there is a need to enforce proper management disciplines such as task tracking, risk management, and budgeting. It’s also of critical importance that all resources be used prudently to achieve the desired outcome.

Manages Integration 

Projects don’t usually happen in a vacuum, and so there is a need for integrations with systems, organizations, and business processes. For instance, you cannot build a purchasing software that cannot integrate well with your buying process. If you do this, you will not derive any value, or benefit from this. Here, project management seeks to point out and manage all the integrations that occur, with the aim of delivering a better outcome.

Controls cost 

Cost control is an important component of every project management. It would be useless or undesirable when a project gobbles up a lot of resources and fail to deliver the benefit that’s intended. Project management expert’s intent to use acceptable strategies to cut down the risks involved and ensure that the intended milestones are achieved at minimal costs.

Manages change

Managing change is among the things that project managers seek to achieve. Nothing is constant out there, so you should always expect to see a deviation in your plans. However, change management is not an easy job as there are many hurdles that you will be forced to deal with complex issues along the way.

Managing quality 

Quality management lies at the center of project management. Project administrators aim to identify, administer, and control processes that end up producing high-quality output.

Retain & use knowledge

Projects, no matter the type generate knowledge that should be retained d for future use.  Knowledge presents businesses with a huge asset, which if unmanaged will definitely face. This then requires project management to capture knowledge, then retain it for future applications.

10. Project management seek to Learn from failure 

Not every project ends up as successful. When this happens, it is imperative that you pick up important lessons and learn from the lessons. Project management makes sure that important lessons are picked from a failed event, and the right strategies applied to future projects to avoid a repeat of the same.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Project Management Plugins?

The number of managers getting involved in choosing project management software is increasing with each passing day. After all, they are the ones who will be using these tools on an everyday basis. They will also have as to the features that the software must have and how it can help them in managing their projects. So, what are the features that you look at when selecting a project management plugin for WordPress? Here ate 10 tips on how to choose the right WordPress project management plugin.

Ease of use

There is no need of investing in software that’s cumbersome to use. In most cases, complicated tools will take long for your staff to get used to them. Fortunately, there are alternatives that offer superior capabilities and features that can be used with incredible ease. Many of the available tools also have free trials, so you can try them and figure out their ease of use before you spend money on them.

Task management

A task list is indeed the start of the well-known Gantt Charts, so you will also require task management features too. These features should help you to assign tasks to your team members so that they can know what they are supposed to focus on. It is of essence that you be able to order tasks in a manner that is sensible to you. This means grouping them and also adding completion dates. The ability to send out emails to the people responsible to complete certain tasks is also a huge bonus.

Scheduling tools

High-quality scheduling tools are mandatory if you are to manage your project in the most effective manner. One of the scheduling tools that’s commonly used is the Gantt chart software, which is not provided by many basic plugins that you get out there today. While the lack of this tool may not be a big deal for a small project with a smaller team, it can be a serious issue when the project grows in size and manpower increases drastically.

Ability to share externally

While sharing your tasks and plans with team members is one thing, having a function that helps you share information with external actors and stakeholders also helps. This is the case when you have contractors and third parties working with you. This is also one of the reasons why cloud-based software is gaining traction in today’s world of project management.


While functionality is something that you should be concerned with, the security you’re your project management plugin is something that should never be taken lightly. If the software is being hosted on an online platform, you should get 128-bit encryption.  Moreover, a dedicated-hosting platform helps to keep your data safe from everyone else.

Real-time reporting

Project managers can save themselves of their valuable time when they get a plugin that offers real-time reports about the status of projects. This kind of tool pulls data from various areas of the software and amalgamates it to produce reports that depict the actual position of the project.

Graphical & dashboard reports

While dealing with reports, something that shows itself in a graphical form is often helpful.  In most instances, stakeholders and sponsors are most likely to respond to graphical presentations that report in text formats. Look out for a plugin that has a built-in dashboard feature that can be personalized to suit the requirements of every stakeholder.

Professional Interface

A plugin that offers an old-fashioned interface can make things hectic for you. Get a project management plugin for WordPress that is functional, with amazing features well laid out to serve the purpose which it is intended. It really is beneficial when your interface looks professional, with an amazing array of features and functions.


Timesheets are an integral part of project management plugins because they help you track your tasks in the right manner. With this feature, you will be able to get warnings about possible project delays, while also allowing you to have a quick glimpse of your task estimates. Go for a WordPress plugin that allows your project team to complete their timesheets quickly and without problems. For instance, you can give priority to one that allows you to copy tasks from the previous week.


While lots of reports generated from out of the box feature are good, it can be better when you can customize them to suit your unique style.  A great plugin is the one that allows you to tweak some features to suit your company or organization’s preferences. There are some which let you upload photos, while others allow you to order color changes. But the most important areas of personalization are the data columns and reports because they allow you the flexibility to display information in a way that serves you better.

Best WordPress Project Management Plugins of 2020 (Free & Paid)

Below are 8 best free and paid WordPress project management plugins of 2020.

Let’s move right ahead and get started with the first plugin.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager - Project management plugin

This is a robust and versatile project-management plugin for WordPress that’s rich in features that helps your team to plan, collaborate, coordinate, and complete projects faster. This incredible plugin is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and works better across different departments of an organization such as sales, human resources, customer support, marketing, and finance. This sophisticated project software offers a user-friendly interface and an online task management system that helps to boost the productivity of your team, with tools that measure time and also track your overall levels of performance. This plugin also avails built-in reports, so you can analyze them and take any corrective action as may be required.

WP Project Manager Features

  • This project management plugin doesn’t have consumption limits. You can create endless tasks, add unlimited teams and workers. This is nothing compared to other project management tools that set you back on a per person basis.
  • This plugin has a time tracker that helps to track how many hours you have invested in a task. You can maintain a log that has start and stop times, pause, custom entry, and quick access for projects that are charged on a per hour basis.
  • This tool has a built-in Gantt chart that helps you understand the interdependencies that exist between projects and subprojects. This way of organizing jobs and employees for every project is simply incredible.
  • It allows you to complete your jobs with board style-job management for tasks and assignments. The Kanban Board allows for the creation of tasks, then dragging and dropping them among various planks.
  • It has an interactive task calendar where you can view your tasks daily, monthly, or regularly, depending on what works for you. You can get them filtered by users, projects, and other parameters.
  • You have an option to control member roles and the capabilities of your team. This can be done by assigning different permission levels to different users. You can also choose to include external collaborators.
  • The recurring feature task allows you to set parameters and habits for repeatable tasks so that you won’t have to do that again.
  • The documents and data files manager allow you to access your records in one place. Any user can manage projects assigned and view their own progress from a single point on the screen.
  • There is an overview dashboard that allows you an eye view of associated people, all projects, create projects, edit team members, and more.
  • In-project discussion helps save all the team members of their valuable time, response to questions can be provided quickly. Anytime a project related discussion is required, you can set it up effortlessly.
  • Priority tags can be set for each project and you can let anyone know the processes that should be completed first.
  • The daily digest allows you to know jobs update from a single page. Everything that is being done is written on the experience log.
  • This project management plugin allows you to bring responsibilities and assignments to your website’s front-end. At times, this is a vital feature when you are dealing with clients.
  • You can create and track milestones that every project requires. You can assign messages, tasks, and job lists to every milestone.
  • WP Project Manager integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, therefore bringing jobs to the frontend of your website. This may be necessary when you are working with clients.
  • Integrates with BuddyPress via an addon and this allows you to create a connection among the users and allow for private messaging to make collaborations a little more comfortable.
  • It integrates with JP slack integration, which allows you to get real-time notifications on your team’s activities straight to your device.
  • The available pusher integration allows for real-time notifications on your entire job chores such as assigning associates making mentions in commentary and creating a task with this amazingly new integration. This also helps take your thrust notification to a new high level.

Price: This plugin has a core that is free, so you can explore it without paying for it. A personal plan costs $79, a Professional is $149 while Business goes for $249.


Panaroma -  Project management plugin

When you are on the lookout for a feature-packed project management plugin for WordPress to keep your clients and teams on the loop, then Panorama delivers beyond your expectations. Although this plugin has a free-demo version that hasn’t been updated recently, you may have to test it on a staging environment before you get to use it on your website. However, this tool is still worth checking out thanks to one of its incredible feature-the visualizations. This feature makes your project look amazing and ensures that it can easily be tracked. You will also find it really nice to see how attractive charts help you recognize the entire process and follow up on any impending deadline.

Panorama, which is definitely the go-to project management plugin for many incorporates modernized features and simple modules, which helps to enhance clarity. It is designed to make it easy to understand and use, and it’s free of clutter. The core Panorama demo, which is available for free trial ensures that simple-project management is incorporated into your WordPress website (There is no free version). However, the premium version offers something that’s more of a powerhouse, that helps you scale up your projects. It gives you high-end and superior features that can help you track and manage the progress of your projects.

Here are more excellent features that make Panorama a superior project management plugin for WordPress users.

  • This project management plugin offers amazing levels of flexibility, and its functions can be extended with the help of third-party addons. Some of these addons include frontend editor, Gantt Charts, and frontend uploader, among other options.
  • Allows you to set the start and end dates. When the datelines approach, you’ll be able to receive notifications.
  • Your projects can be embedded in a WordPress theme where your clients and users can view anytime they want.
  • Add project milestones, define milestone frequency, and assign a description to accompany each milestone. These data points get displayed in a beautiful but simple chart, so you can keep track of how your business is progressing.
  • Panorama makes it easier for you to create new projects, especially if you already have a long list of projects. It has amazing cloning tools that allow you to quickly copy an existing project, then you can edit the details to suit the needs of your new project. This is much easier than when you start from scratch.
  •  The dashboard is designed to be easy to understand, with comprehensive project listings that make use of visual like-charts.
  • Each project has a task list, tracking tools, and calendars.
  • Discussions get organized under projects or phrases, where each phrase has its set of tasks, discussions, and documents.

Pricing: After paying for a license, you get 1 year of updates and support. Then you pay a discounted price when you renew your subscription. An individual plan for 1 website is $69, while a business plan for 5 websites will cost you $99. The business plan costs $69 for 25 websites while the Agency plan with frontend editor and sequential task plugins that show your clients how their projects are progressing costs $129.  Furthermore, there is an enterprise plan that’s used on unlimited websites and which will cost you $299.

Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban for WordPress -  Project management plugin

Kanban Boards comes at the top of the available agile project management tools. This WordPress plugin also tracks sales, schedule content, customer relationships management, and publishing among other tasks. Kanban boards for WordPress allows you to see and also show progress on any or all of your running projects. This WordPress plugin has more than 1000 installations and supports WordPress 4.0 version or higher. With this incredible tool, you are able to focus more on your work and save on time.

Here are the sets of features that make Kanban Boards for WordPress a fantastic choice:

  • Kanban boards are incredibly easy to install.
  • The board can be customized to suit your team’s requirements, including custom-swim lines.
  • Easy to use editing feature that allows you to “edit in place” and update your content right there.
  • Assign tasks to project team members to ensure they will be completed on time.
  • Estimate the time frame that a project will take and track the hours to see how it progresses.
  • Create customized views by searching and filtering for tasks. You can then bookmark the same for easier access.
  • Manage the users or project team members who have permission to access the board, for privacy as well as integrated project management.
  • This project management plugin allows for separate storage of your data, for better security and privacy.
  • This tool allows for real-time collaboration and the display of live updates.
  • This WordPress plugin also works great on different mobile devices.
  •  You can integrate more features through add-ons. These include multiple-boards, task flagging, notification, and more.
  • You can boost your team’s collaboration through the available task comments.
  • You have more power and control over user management. Work at a closer level with your team members and clients.
  • The available fields and attachments allow users to get files attached to their tasks.
  • You can use the color-coding feature to enhance the clarity of your tasks. You can also color-code certain chores to signify priority.
  • You are able to extend your workflow with several Kanban boards, where you can run many of these boards on your website. Individuals or teams can have their own boards of managing diverse projects.

Pricing: For just $149/year, you will get a full annual subscription. Lifetime license will cost you $499.

Project Manager by UpStream

UpStream is absolutely a viable solution for anyone interested in getting a project management solution for WordPress at a reduced cost, but without sacrificing the value that you get from the plugin. The colors and fields can be customized, and you can generate an unlimited number of projects as well as users. You will also be attracted to the Gantt charts and calendars which helps you visualize your projects. No matter the complexity of your project or task, this WordPress plugin has the features to help you meet your obligations.

Clients are able to track their projects using the frontend project view, and you can also set milestones, start a project discussion-thread, and mark bugs. All members of your project are able to chat with each other and share important information about the project which they are collaborating with. The core plugin is available for free, but you can use paid-for extensions to extend the capabilities of this project management plugin. Some of the extensions that you can add include email notifications, calendar view, and custom views, among others.

Here are the amazing features that Project Manager by UpStream offer:

  • Since this is a free plugin, you can install and employ as your primary project management tools for WordPress.
  • Create tasks and milestones, and link them for use by all the persons that form part of a project.
  • This plugin makes it possible for you to upload documents and files.
  • The plugin has a bug tracking feature with customizable fields that allow workers to write down descriptions, the status of each bug, and the level of severity of each bug.
  • Automated tracking lets you know when you need people to be working on your projects or if you are getting close to finishing a project.
  • There is a discussion thread that does away with the need for messy emails. You’ll be able to set user permissions for every conversation that takes place right there.
  • There are frontend templates that can be customized to match your unique branding. With this branding, you are capable of changing from colors to fields, and anything between.
  • This project management plugin for WordPress provides you with options that include CSS customizations, adjusting front-end forms and layouts, and more.
  • Labels are available to enable you to mark your project milestones, files, and projects.

Pricing: The lite plan costs $79/year, while the professional plan goes for $179/year. The agency plan goes for $259, while the enterprise plan starts at $499.

Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager is available as a free plugin, with the option to upgrade to a paid version that offers superior features and functionalities. The free widget is capable of handling tasks and projects by using a mobile app. From the perspective of a user, this amazing plugin offers a modern and clean design and helps you create numerous projects, personalize your interface with colors and logos from your brands.

You get to create projects in the WordPress dashboard before you incorporate each project’s details and assign users. It also enables you to mark your tasks as well as deadlines. The price of this plugin is incredibly appealing for all enterprises, while the neatness of the plugin’s interface can actually convince the users to continue staying around for longer. To aid you in managing your project, there are tabs for Overview, Discussion, Tasks, and Progress. These tabs can be accessed with the touch of a button. A user who lands on the project management page is able to upload files and leave comments. You’ll find it to be easy to use and amazingly intuitive.

Here are additional features that make Zephyr Project Manager a first-class choice:

  • The premium versions provide versatile features such as customizable task templates, custom fields, reporting, Kanban boards, and highly customizable project-management modules.
  • This WordPress plugin can be translated into any language.
  • Users and admins get their personalized profile pages, with awesome options for descriptions, profile pictures, and email notification settings.
  • You can put in place user capabilities to enhance how the users view their projects.
  • Project management & team elements are all found in one place.
  • Users attached to one project receive progress reports. They receive automated emails, progress charts, and many more.
  • This project management plugin is equipped with a calendar view that helps you ser and view upcoming projects and tasks.
  • You can use categories to keep your projects organized and place your projects under different tasks.
  • The plugin offers a file manager that you can use to download, upload, and delete files from the admins and users. You can view each file under the project assigned, therefore reducing confusion about why the files are actually on the site.
  • There are impressive sets of tools for email notifications, weekly messaging, and email updates.  The tools also allow you to make changes to your updates for completed, deleted, and tasks in progress.
  • Discussions are displayed in the available project modules together with all applicable attachments.
  • This plugin offers an android app that allows you to manage and organize your tasks, while on devices that have small screens. The app syncs directly with your dashboard and this helps update the project details on a real-time basis.
  • You can copy projects and tasks for use somewhere else. They can also be duplicated as recurring-objects.
  • All imports and exports are completed with CSV and JSON files.
  • The plugin allows you to have a visually captivating collection of graphs and charts that are designed to show how the project that you have in the works is progressing.

Pricing: The premium version of the plugin is priced at $49.This is a one-off payment that allows you access to incredible features and support.

Projectopia WP Project Management

Projectopia WP Project Management is a full-featured premium project management widget that best serves the needs of small and big businesses alike. With this tool, you’ll be able to organize your tasks and work right within your WordPress.

It’s got an extensive set of features that offer different client dashboards, requisite elements such as milestones and times, and also powerful settings. Already, the core plugin carries lots of features, but there are plenty of other addons that help to expand the functionality of this project management plugin for WordPress. Each of the addons costs somewhere around $20 and some of them include:

  • Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Bug tracker
  • Envato integration
  • 2Checkout
  • Suppliers & expenses
  • Reporting
  • Twilio

Here are some of the attributes that make Projectopia an amazing selection:

  • This plugin offers a nice-workflow control area, where users can be assigned tasks and roles in the project management team.
  • A role-based team-member feature helps to show which worker should work on which project.
  • Paying customers has an area on the client’s dashboard where they can view completed projects.
  • The WordPress plugin is equipped with an estimate and quotes to feature, that you can use to sell your services to potential clients.
  • There is a feature that allows milestones to be set so that you can know how much you have achieved.
  • There is a form builder that can be used to collect information from clients.
  • Automated invoices can be sent to your clients after you’ve hit milestones.
  • A ticketing module for customer support is available.
  • This plugin can integrate with many third-party plugins, and some of them are bug tracker, reporting module, supplier & expense tool.
  • There is a financial table that shows the money received and spend on every project.
  • Every client can log into their dashboards, then sign a contract digitally.
  • The task-messaging feature allows you to coordinate with your workers on project-specific requirements.
  • Integrates with payment tools such as PayPal and Stripe, for you to get paid for the work you’ve done.

Pricing: Projectopia doesn’t have a free trial. The regular license for the basic version costs $49 while the extended license for the basic costs $299.However, the regular license for the ultimate version starts from $99 while the extended version for the ultimate version costs $499.

Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro is among the few top-rated widgets on CodeCanyon. It’s an all-inclusive plugin, with the right sets of features that can enable you to generate users, assign them with roles, and place them into projects or groups. You may put people from the same department together and assign the people in that group to varied projects.

When it comes to progress checkers and task updating, no other plugin comes close to Task Manager Pro. The users can actually comment when an update is needed, alternatively, automated alarms and task updates can be received.

Unlike similar products that are sold on CodeCanyon, the developers on this incredible product offer excellent customer support, documentation and a product demo. This is why users should be proud of this product from a reputable developer. Besides the ticket management module that helps with handling customer support messages, this WordPress plugin is a lightweight and sleek solution that helps you handle your employees, clients, and customers right from your dashboard.

Here are some amazing features that ranks Task Manager Pro as the best project management plugin.

  • This WordPress plugin allows for endless users, projects, groups as well as tasks.
  •  Although there isn’t a free trial, a demo is available.
  • There is a user management-module that lists all the users and provides you with the ability to add more users, assign groups, and also link them to certain projects.
  • Every task has got its details page, with progress charts, task priority, starting and end dates, and more.
  • The task list can be used to know the number of tasks that are open.
  • There is a responsive form that’s used to create tasks. In this form, you fill in such things as the name of the project, label, project assignment, progress, and estimated time.
  • Update-notifications are sent out to all those working on certain tasks and projects.
  • This WordPress project management plugin supports several other languages that are used around the world.
  • This plugin allows for the option of revealing a task on the footer or on the frontend sidebar. This is quite handy for sites used by employees and clients.
  • You can use a shortcode to add a project or task list to any of your WordPress pages.
  • This plugin offers a unique feature to help you make groups, an excellent feature that you can use in workforce segmentation.
  • There is a ticket support system that can be used to handle the client’s messages.
  • The admin is the only person who can allow or disallow for user access, so certain tasks or projects can be restricted.
  • Project creation, ticket management, and task management are done on one dashboard, therefore making for a perfectly consolidated work-area.

Business Manager – HR, ERP & Projects

Business Manager is a top project-management plugin that compiles a wide range of software that you need to run your organization seamlessly. This tool does everything that your business needs-from human-resource management to enterprise resource planning and anything between. With the Business Manager Plugin, you’ll have tools that go beyond managing projects, but also handle many departments and get your tasks completed quickly and smoothly.

You’ll need to go to the Business Manager site to view screenshots, documentation, and demos, among others. The developers have promised a list of upcoming features that will help make this plugin an excellent choice for most people. Because the core plugin is 100% free, you’ll find Business Manager as an intuitive, high-value tool for managing diverse sections of your enterprise.

However, if you want to use some extensions, you’ll have to part with some money. Well, you’ll discover that most features have been incorporated into the regular plugin with just 2 addons being sold on the plugin’s website. They are the Asset Manager & Custom Fields extension.

However, it doesn’t make sense to download this kind of plugin if you actually don’t require an HR manager, or if you don’t need a custom field plugin or document storage. With this plugin, you have all important features without making your dashboard getting cluttered.

Here are the excellent features that make Business Manger a go to option for the users.

  • This plugin is free, save for the 2 extensions that are both affordable and incredibly easy to install.
  • The developers of this plugin are active and provide updates regularly for upcoming features, customer support channels, extensions, and documentation.
  • There is an advanced project management & Kanban area which incorporates drag and drop functionality that’s easy enough for starters to understand.
  • This plugin offers incredible features, more than any other standard project management tool offer. These include client solutions, document storage and sharing, employee tracking, and human resource management, among others.
  • Many tracking-elements such as deadline, hours used for each job, and percentage tracking among others.
  • Employee users can be created, and these people can be assigned to specific projects.
  • Project types are available, with some options to send particular project types to specific employees who would work on them.
  • Assign a status to each of the available projects and watch the progress report for the entire week or month.
  • The plugin has a project-management module where project-notes can be recorded. Upload buttons are also available, for the users to upload files and share with other contacts within the project management team.
  • Business Manager – HR, ERP & Projects provides a client-management area with phone numbers, logos, and working hours.
  • Although the clients are able to have a look at their profiles, this is mainly for internal use. For instance, notes can be marked and relevant client files can be uploaded.
  • The plugins document-management system is directly linked to your website storage. The only difference is that the documents are assigned to projects so that you are able to add employees and mark-down notes.
  • You are able to disable some modules in this plugin in case you feel that you are not using them.

Which Is the Right WordPress Project Management Plugins for You?

After going through the above list, now you should be wondering which is the right WordPress project management plugin for you. Here are the project management plugins for WordPress that I recommend.

At the top of my recommendation is the WP Project Manager plugin. This is a sophisticated project software that has a friendly interface and hordes of features that improve tracking of your projects and collaboration among your team members.  With this project management plugin, you can generate real-time reports and complete your chores using the board style job management.

Other amazing features are an amazing task calendar, data & files manager, and milestone markers among others. Moreover, this project management plugin allows you to know the milestones that you have so far achieved.  Since it integrates with third-party plugins, you’ll be able to extend the functionality of this plugin. And that’s not enough you will not have to pay a dime to use this plugin’s amazing features. It’s 100 percent free.

Moreover, Panorama is an amazing project management plugin that gets into the list of tools that I recommend. It has excellent project visualization features, simple modules, and flexibility. Its range of functions can be extended with powerful third-party plugins. It has a start and end dates, show milestones achieved, and hordes of other features.

Another incredible project management plugin for WordPress that gets into my list of recommendations is the Kanban Boards. This tool stands out because it’s features dense and offers superior support. It’s easy to use, has superior scheduling and tracking features.  Some of the features can also be customized to suit any other requirement that may be unique to your project or tasks.

If you need a simpler, but effective project management plugin, Task Manager Pro would absolutely be a great choice. The price is great and offers more advanced features that allow you to assign tasks to users or group of users, and look at the progress as the work advances. This plugin does lots of work without the complications that are associated with another plugin.

Final Thoughts

There are endless project management plugins for WordPress users that are available online today. However, not all are made equal. Moreover, some of them have free demos while others don’t have. Some are expensive while others are not. In our list above, I have helped make your search for a project management plugin easy by letting you know the objectives that these plugins tend to achieve, and also the considerations to make while looking for one.

Moreover, while the list that I have presented above is not exhaustive, I have listed 8 amazing WordPress plugins that can help you plan your projects, allocate tasks, manage milestones, and communicate with your teams, among other tasks.

Whether you have a small project with a lean team or a large one with hundreds of employees, there is always a perfect project management solution for you. The free to use plugins can also be a great option when you are starting out before you upgrade in order to be able to enjoy additional features.

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