Revamp Your WordPress Admin with These Amazing Login Plugins

Let’s face the truth- everything online, from joining social media networks, buying an item, joining a forum, or accessing exclusive information requires the users to sign up for an account, popularly known as login. On average, a moderate internet user has more than 50 passwords, and these are a lot of credentials for anyone to keep track of. And it’s not only the users who create accounts.

Your website admins will need to log in so as to access your website’s backend. So, logging in is an integral component of getting to enjoy the things that are offered online, and its mostly the first thing that a user is required to complete before taking any action. However, not many developers actually put serious thoughts about how their users will be logging into their websites.

Making Login Easy with WordPress Login Plugins

When you make the login process easy for your website users, you will be helping to better their overall experience. This is of great importance because it will encourage them to come back to your website in the future. Moreover, a more secure website stands a better chance of protecting you and your users against data breaches. To help you improve your WordPress website login process, we have put together a list of amazing plugins that can provide sage and seamless user experience.

The Best Login Plugins for WordPress

Swoop Password-Free Authentication

This plugin is developed to help business owners improve their login processes and make it easy. Users will be able to login in two clicks and without passwords. We know how hard it is to remember passwords, and it cannot even be mentioned how password breaches have become too common these days because of insecure credentials that are generated by the users themselves.

Passwords are fast being relegated to the past and this is why this admin plugin is providing a faster, easier, and modern way to authenticate the users. The only thing that users require to get started is an email address, and who really doesn’t have one? Swoop Password-Free Authentication plugin is removing all the frustrations that are associated with logging into accounts with passwords, and this encourages customers to come back time and again.

The key features offered by this plugin include:

  • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices.
  • 4 security layers are provided:  authentication with SPF, DKIM as well as a proprietary security-algorithm.
  • You can customize the branding to match your style and brand image.
  • Magic-link authentication sends a secured link to the user who gets verified after clicking on it.
  • Magic message authentication that permits users to send prepopulated mailto-link so as to verify their identity.
  • One-click connects for return visitors.

Pricing: Swoop is available free of charge for websites that have up to 1000 users. However, for larger websites, the first 10,000 users are not charged, but pricing plans start at just $49/year.

Colorlib Login Customizer

Colorlib Login Customizer is a WordPress plugin that helps you to customize the login form for your website. The creators of this amazing plugin understand that branding your login page is one of the ways to build trust amongst your customers. As a matter of fact, when your login page looks like the rest of your website, users will feel free to create an account.

This widget enables you to customize your login page through WordPress customizer, which is easy to use and friendly interface that both new and experienced users will love. If you don’t use this WordPress plugin, you’ll be left with a login page similar to what many other websites have. This definitely will lack the requisite connections with your brands. Select from various background images and color options, and make your login page look like the rest of your website.

Here are the key Colorlib Login Customizer features:

  • Add a custom logo & adjust the dimensions.
  • Upload your images.
  • Alter background colors.
  • Set the height and width of the form.
  • Create the borders of your login page.
  • Adjust the color of the buttons.

Pricing: The best part of Colorlib Login Customizer is that its 100% free to use. All you need to do is download the widget file, get it uploaded to your directory and activate it.

When Last Login

When Last Login lets you know the number of active users on your website by seeing the last login date and time. This widget has a timestamp that’s linked to every user and records everyone who logs into your website. The information that this plugin provides enables you to know who among the users are the most engaged and which needs to be encouraged a little.

Other than the basic features, When Last Login also offers high-end premium features. Take, for instance, a Welcome Email feature that can be added, which sends those logging in for the first-time welcome messages. User Statistics Addon also helps you generate login history per user, and obtain reports for a certain date or time.

The free version of this plugin offers features that enables you do the following:

  • See the last time a user logged in.
  • Filter website visitors based on last logins.
  • Integrate with other addons such as paid Membership Pro, which helps in tracking member’s timestamps.
  • Track all of the user’s login history and record their IP addresses.

Pricing: The basic version that offers basic features is free. You can download, activate and use it free of charge. However, premium features require you to pay additional fees that start from $9.95 to $99.95.

Frontend Reset Password

Resetting a password is a frustrating experience for most people. However, you can help to make your website users feel a little more comfortable when entering their information. Frontend Reset Password plugin guarantees your users a peace of mind and a simple experience.  

Anytime they enter their information on your custom password reset form, they will feel confident that their personal information is fully protected. This plugin, which is developed by Square One Media ensures that website users can reset their passwords on your site’s front end, and can regain access to their accounts in a straightforward manner.  With the Frontend Reset Password plugin, users will fill in their email or username and a link will be delivered to them.

Frontend Reset Password comes with many key features and some of them include:

  • Minimum character-requirement for secure passwords.
  • The fonts in the reset forms can be customized.
  • Setup is completed in three simple steps.

Pricing: Frontend Reset Password plugin is free. After you’ve downloaded it, you will be able to include its shortcode on any page you desire.

WP Security Questions

We all have to agree that passwords are not solely secure, especially when used for authenticating users. However, if you include a more step of answering basic questions for security, then you stand better chances of turning away unauthorized users. The additional questions that can be added include the first pet’s name, maiden name of your mother, and more.

With the WP Security Questions plugin, you’ll be able to set and customize your security questions and implement them, therefore strengthening the security of the user’s accounts. This plugin enables you to include these additional questions and keep your website more secure. With this robust admin widget, you are able to adjust the plugin’s settings and create a system for your site that lets genuine users in quickly, while blocking out detected unwanted activity

Key WP Security Questions plugins features:

  •  Allows you to set an endless number of security questions.
  • Hide/show questions on the forgotten-passwords page.
  • Show or hide questions on the registration page.
  • Show/ hide security questions on the login page.

Pricing: WP Security Questions provides paid and free versions, so your choice depends on the features that you need.

WC Password Strength Settings

This is a plugin which confers the developer of a website with the privileges required to set password security at different levels. This means that any user who registers to use your website will be required to meet some security requirements. You can use this plugin to set from   system’s acceptance of passwords, from anything to highly secure passwords.

The developers of this incredible plugin continue to add more features that will let you have more control on the strength of passwords that are set for your website. This ensures that registrations that only meet the   set password security standards are allowed, while anything else is rejected.

Here are the key features that WC Password Strength Settings offer:

  •  Helps you select from any of the n five password security levels.
  •  Displays the strength of a password that you’ve chosen.
  • Removes or modifies password hints.
  • Adjusts the appearance of custom messages and colors.

Pricing:  WC Password Strength Settings is free to be used on any WordPress website.

Expire Passwords

An open-source software, this plugin does just what the name says. After some time, a password assigned to a certain user will expire, and the users will be required to update their passwords, which will help keep their accounts up to date. In this plugin, the default settings allow the users to reset their passwords after 90 days.

However, as the website admin, you are free to reduce or prolong this duration depending on your unique requirements. You’ll also be able to determine the type of users who update their user passwords, with options such as Editor, Administrator, Contributor, Author, and  Subscriber. Any non-admin will definitely have to meet all the password standards that have been set.

It’s generally a known fact that using the same password for long can lead to you being hacked. The possibility of unwanted access can be decreased tremendously when you change your passwords regularly. With this plugin, you’ll be able to keep your website safe, while also fulfilling the set industry standards regarding password security.

Here are the things that Expire Passwords plugin allows you to do:

  • Determine how long a password can be used.
  • Select the user role needed for an updated password.
  • Receive quality support in Spanish, Czech, or English.

Pricing: This open source software is free and anyone can download and implement it on their website.

Nextend Facebook Connect

This plugin is also known as Nextend Social Login and Register and makes it possible for users to register for an account using an existing social profile. It connects a user’s account to Facebook, Twitter, or Google and allows them access without the need to provide other credentials. The users will not have to keep track of their login credentials hence reducing the number of credentials which they will have to manage. However, if you choose to go pro, you will definitely enjoy additional features that include addons for Amazon, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Apple.

Some of the key Nextend Facebook Connect features include:

  • One clicks login with Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
  • Displays social media profile-picture as an avatar.
  • Custom URL redirects after registration & login.
  • Allows for access to accounts with or without social-profiles.

Pricing: Nextend Facebook Connect offers a free plan that helps you get started, and high-end pro features that you can unlock starting at $550.

WP Forms

Are you an online form builder or developer looking for pre-made web forms? This can help save you of lots of time, as opposed to when you opt to develop your own forms. Whether you want to get an integrated payment, a registration system or any other, WP Forms can help make it easier for you. With this plugin, you’ll get a repertoire of 100+ forms that are pre-made for your use.  After implementing WP Forms in your website, you’ll be able to enjoy some amazing insights into the data that each page collects.

Here are some of the incredible features that WP Forms is known for:

  • Efficient drag & drop form builder.
  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • 100+ pre-made templates.
  • data management.
  • User registration.

Price: WP Forms has a basic version, with endless capabilities selling at $39.Plus plan goes for $99 while Pro is priced starting from $199.


WooCommerce is one of the most intuitive login WordPress plugins that make it easier for businesses and individuals to sell online. It provides an easy to use online store, with awesome customization features that can help take your existing store to the next level. Using WooCommerce results in a website that’s strategically designed in just a few minutes.  

The most common challenge that online traders want to deal with is shopping cart abandonment. This can be dealt with by providing customers with an easy and seamless shopping experience. In normal instances, users will be required to create an account, and even enter their payment details before they buy anything from your online store. If the process of creating an account is not made easier, it’s probable that the customers will abandon the process altogether.

WooCommerce offers the following key login features:

  •  Facebook and Google social-integrations.
  • Modifiable shipping options.
  •  Secure built-in payments processor.
  •  Attractively designed shopping cart, product & checkout pages.


Gone are the days when you had to remember hundreds of login credentials for the entire range of websites that you visit online. And if by any chance you don’t remember these logins, you’ll not be able to get access to whatever you wanted online. As a website admin, you have to remember your own passwords, permissions for your authors, contributors and customers, among others. This is a huge task, especially if you don’t have the right tools to help you.

However, the above WordPress admin plugins can help you revamp your website, obtain important insights from the users, and help them log into their accounts on your website. These plugins also help you set permissions, allow them set expired or forgotten passwords among other important tasks. These plugins offer lots of diversity, and you should always find one that helps you implement what you want.

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